Fairway Market Job Application

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This store started in the form of a small vegetable and fruit stand and slowly, it developed into a prominent chain of supermarkets in the US. The core store is still located in the primary Broadway location of 74th Street, Upper West Side, of Manhattan and many other locations larger in size distributed in various places. The headquarters of this grocery store chain are situated in the New York City. The stores have gained popularity for keeping a wide selection of groceries and fresh products, and that too at a fine value. Products of private labels are also provided in basic and specialty items.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The company carries out business every day from 8:00am to 10:00pm.

Age Eligibility

A candidate should be at least eighteen years of age when applying for any post in this grocery store.

Career Opportunities

Store Manager, Customer Service Associate, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Grocery Clerk.


It was founded by Nathan Glickberg, in 1933, as a small vegetable and fruit stand, so that he could provide support to his family. In the year 1954, Nathan, along with Leo, his son, started the first, original stores situated at 74th Street and Broadways. By the year 1974, Leo’s son, named Howie Glickberg had learnt the family trade and was ready to materialize grander visions and bigger dreams to help Fairway grow further. The young Howie did not waste any time and looked for opportunities for the further expansion of the company. Soon, Fairway was known for its slogan, which went-“Like No Other Market®”. Howie then brought in partners, namely David Sneddon and Harold Seybert. All the three catapulted the company even beyond the expectations of the founder of the company, Nathan.


Apart from headquarters in New York City, there are locations in Paramus, New Jersey; Harlem; Plainview, Long Island; Woodland Park, New Jersey; Pelham Manor, New York; the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn; and Stanford, Connecticut

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Community Initiatives

Priorities at Fairway are shaped by their values. Customers as well as the neighbors are valued. They are joined hands with whenever it comes to initiatives that are community based.  There have been donations of truckloads of water, food, and other commodities to banks providing foods, shelters of emergency relief, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens in places like Staten Island, Brooklyn, and other areas around the city. To add on to the services for the community, there have been efforts into joining hands with offices of Mayor, City Council, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, plus some other officers elected to ensure the proper transport of meals, food, and merchandise to places that need them the most.  The company believes in giving back to organizations and causes that improve the lives of its neighbors.

Environmental Initiatives

Constantly, the grocery store assigns ways towards reduction of the carbon footprint. This is achieved by usage of equipments and fixtures qualified by Energy Star®. There has been an up gradation in sale systems for all locations so that a system exhibiting more efficiency of energy, along with fixtures and materials that are environmentally friendly. Cogeneration plant is relied upon, almost entirely by the Red Hook store of the organization for empowering operations. This also reduces the emissions from fossil fuels. In addition to this, all lighting fixtures which are used in the stores use LED technology and electronic ballasts. To top it all, the heat emitted from the freezer units and the refrigerators is reclaimed and further brought into use for heating store aisles. The Fairway Market Stamford finds its location in a building which is LEED certified.

Financial Stature

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The annual revenue estimates of this grocery store range from $50 to $100 million. At present, close to four thousand employees are working for the company.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Grocery Store Clerk:- The diverse needs of the customers visiting the store, working with food, and stoking of shelves are looked after by the grocery store clerk. However, specific duties of a grocery store clerk vary as per the department. For example, bakery clerks prepare desserts and bake bread, the clerks at the meat counter and deli clerks primarily cut meat, in addition to other products derived from animals. Not considering the placement in the store, the grocery clerk has to follow the safety and health norms. Usually, the hourly salary for this position falls between $7.25 and $9.00. But grocery stores which fall in areas having higher rates for minimum wage offer higher wages. Generally, this individual gets the yearly salary close to $20,000, or an hourly wage of $10.00.

Manager :- The manager works for increasing the profitability of the store by reducing losses and the number of sales. Placing the orders for products, maintaining the policies of quality control, and managing the inventory are some of the responsibilities of the grocery store department manager. This manager also replenishes products and maintains a constant link with the vendors, thus ensuring precision of orders. This individual also hires and trains new associates, provides a high quality of customer services, and further allots tasks. The manager should also make certain that the employees abide by the safety and health policies of the company. The mean pay for the manager begins from $14.00 and goes up to $16.00 per hour. In top paying regions the yearly salary earned by the manager is typically close to $46,000. On an average, the manager gets $39,000 annually, i.e. an hourly salary close to $19.00.

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Assistant Manager:- The grocery store assistant manager has the primary job responsibility to hire and train new employees and supervise workers. This entity may also be involved in responsibilities related to administration, which includes filing of paperwork, supervision of inventory, and answering calls on the telephone. There is ample work to be done on the computers while carrying out jobs regarding administration. The assistant manager gets a starting annual salary which ranges from $37,000 to $42,000, i.e. an hourly wage closely between $16.00 and $18.00.     

Advantages of working @Fairway Market

Apart from decent pay, the employees working at this company get exceptional advancement opportunities as well. Associates employed as full time workers take advantage of visual, dental, as well as medical plans for healthcare. Flexible spending accounts and the 401(k) plan for retirement are also offered by the company. Employees who are eligible also enjoy the programs related to employment assistance, tuition reimbursement, and paid time offs.
Fairway Market Job Application

Job Interview Questions @Fairway Market

The applicant can be subject to varied types of questions during the interview session of the examination. The candidate must work on his caliber, predict and work on the weaknesses. Some possible questions which may be asked are given below:

  • What did you do to resolve a conflict in the recent past?
  • Which computer programs can you comfortably work on?
  • What is your ultimate aim as per your career is concerned?
  • Do you carry any experience regarding this job?
  • How do you philosophize when it comes to your everyday tasks?
  • What is the range of salary expected by you?
  • What is the motivating factor that inspires you while you are working on a problem?
  • What types of people do you prefer to work with?