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Family Dollar is a fast growing retail chain in the United States. These stores focus to sell products costing below one dollar. However, most of the items sold at these stores are priced up to $10. The chain has provided employment to thousands of individuals and is providing jobs to more people year after year with a continuous expansion. There are both part-time as well as full-time job opportunities available at these stores. For most of the entry-level positions, no specific qualification is required and candidates satisfying age bar and legal eligibility, easily get employed.

The enterprise does not provide printed applications. Any candidate willing to find employment at this store should visit the company’s website – In ‘careers’ tab, they should select the appropriate category and fill up an electronic form to complete the application process. The applicants are called for an interview when there is a vacancy at the location applied for the job.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Family Dollar: Monday-Saturday: 8:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 10:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Family Dollar: 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Family Dollar: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Field Specialist, Store Manager, Maintenance Technician, Security Guard, Repack Order Filler, District Manager, Repack Stocker, Forklift Operator, Shipping Loader, Bulk Order Filler, Assistant Store Manager, General Warehouse Worker.

History: Family Dollar came into existence in 1959 with the first store at Charlotte of North Carolina state. The chain expanded to South Carolina and Georgia in 1961 and 1962 respectively. It started its stores in Virginia in 1965 and remained confined to southern states until 1969. In the 1970s, the chain grew rapidly and started trading at New York Stock Exchange in 1979. It had 400 stores by 1981 and expanded to 500 locations in 1982 and 700 locations in 1983. By 1989, it had 1,500 stores. The growth rate slowed down in the 1990s but there has been a consistent expansion of the chain since the year 2000. In the recent decade, the chain added 3500 stores to it and has become of the largest retail chain of United States.

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Presence: Family Dollar has evolved as an American retail brand. The chain operates around 7,100 stores in 45 states of the USA including District of Columbia. Its main competitors are Dollar General, Walmart and Dollar Tree.

Additional Services: The chain sells inexpensive items of day-to-day use. It is involved in selling garments, cosmetics, health products, grocery, pet food, and accessories. The enterprise operates with a motive to keep household cost low and hence a majority of items sold at these stores cost below $2. These stores also sell wireless solutions and products of T-mobile, Cricket, Net 10 and other mobile tech companies.

Community Initiatives: Family Dollar has always been committed to serving the community. It strives to provide quality products at minimum prices by stocking products of regional as well as national brands. The company has also been involved in charity and donates huge amounts to non-profit organizations designated under 501(C)(3). Unlike many other companies, it does not repeatedly donate to same organizations.

Environmental Initiatives: There are several environmental initiatives taken by the company. In 2007, it installed an energy efficient lighting system at its 1500 stores. It took it three years to cover the cost of installment and has been saving energy worth $1 million each year.

Financial Stature: the company trades in New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol FDO. It earns average annual revenue of $8 billion and has $400 million of operating income. It has more than 30,000 employees working at its retail stores and distribution centers. The corporate headquarter of the company is based in Mathews, North Carolina.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration

Both full time and part time jobs are offered by this national retail chain. Any candidate of 18 years of age, who is legally eligible, can apply for different jobs available at these stores.

The company hires at following entry-level positions from time to time:

Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives attend the customers, assist them in purchasing, respond to their queries, maintain registers, handle money and perform assigned duties. They are hired on hourly wages ranging from $7 to $8.

Stock Associate: Stock associates are assigned duties like cleaning the store, checking products, arranging stock and maintaining inventory records. They earn hourly wages anywhere between $6 and $8.

Managers: In these stores, store manager and assistant store manager are the management positions. These professional associates manage the overall operation of the store, do hires of customer service representatives, stock associates and other entry-level workers, perform scheduling, conduct training sessions, report to corporate headquarter and do banking and financial operations. Candidates having prior retail experience are preferred for these positions. They are paid a salary ranging from $25,000 to $61,000 annually and get various job benefits.

Advantages of Working @ Family Dollar

Family Dollar offers several benefits to all its employees including both entry-level workers and management professionals. The benefits offered to the employees vary with their designation and location. Entry-level workers get competitive pays, have flexible work schedules, and receive on-the-job training and opportunities to advance their career. Managers and professionals employed at corporate office receive additional benefits like high pay, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement plan, disability protection, paid leaves, holidays and paid time off.

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Job Interview Questions @ Family Dollar

  1. What qualification you have for this job?
  2. How will you contribute to company’s progress?
  3. Do you expect extra discounts on the purchase while working at our stores?
  4. Why do customers like to visit our stores?
  5. What will you do if you find any coworker stealing items from the store?
  6. Will you be able to work on weekends?
  7. Would you like to work in our stores forever?
  8. What should your behavior be towards rude customers?

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