FedEx Job Application

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The FedEx Corporation, earlier named as the FDX Corporation, works as global courier service in America and it has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. ‘FedEx’ is the abbreviation of Federal Express; the air division originally owned by the company and was under operation from 1973 to 2000.

Located in many places in the United States of America the FedEx has numerous subsidiaries. These include Caliber Logistics, Customer Critical, Ground, FedEx Express and so many more. The Kinko’s, in Japan, which is privately held, is today known popularly as ‘FedEx Kinko’s.

Working Hours
Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 11:00pm; and on Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Age Eligibility  – 18 years

Career Opportunities   

Field Technology Specialist, Office Assistant, Resources Specialist, QA Clerk, Safety Representative, Office Administrator, Finance Manager, Delivery Driver, Package Handler, Service Manager, Intern, Maintenance Technician, Secretary, Shipment Handler, Customer Service Representative, Shipping Clerk, Packager Clerk, Quality Control Clerk, Project Site Inspector, Over Load Truck Driver, Service Center Maintenance, Temporary Driver, Messenger, Custodian, Administrative Assistant, Courier, Receiving Representative, Shipping Representative, Center Specialist, Customer Service Agent, Shuttle Driver, Center Assistant Manager, Sales Customer Service Specialist, Sales Associate, Shop Technician, Dockworker, Center Customer Service Coordinator.


This courier company was founded in the year 1971, and every year it showed a speedy growth. Many locations are under the possession of the courier company and can be found all across the United States of America. A number of subsidiaries under the names of ‘Caliber Logistics’, ‘Ground’, ‘FedEx Express’, ‘Customer Critical’, and numerous others also work with this courier company. Even the Kinko’s is at present, privately held and owned by FedEx Corporation.

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This courier company has a worldwide presence.

Community Initiatives  

The company targets support for organizations, which the basic worth that comprises of people, innovation, and service. Some organizations supported by the company are – ORBIS, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, Safe Kids Canada, Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, and Junior Achievement.

Environmental Initiatives

The courier company provides global connections and also ventures into minimizing the impact on the environment as part of their daily operations. The reduction of wastes and enhanced efficiency has been the primary goals of the company to conserve the environment. The contractors as well as the suppliers are worked with and satisfy in the aim of understanding the impacts on the environment.  The use of sustainable energy and vowing to bring into use power sources those are renewable. Added to these is handling technologies that are innovative and also increase the performance of the transportation.

Financial Stature  

The FedEx Corporation leads the shipping industry and makes close to $34 billion as sales turnover. It trades on many stock exchanges using the ticker symbol of ‘FDX’. The primary competitors of this company are UPS and USPS.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Package Handler – The Package Handler primarily helps to sort out the packages and assists the drivers while they load the trucks. He also performs the organization of boxes according to the items contained in them. The package handler may have to perform his duties while in a standing position and is paid at an hourly basis. On an average, an hourly pay between $9 and $15 is offered to the package handler.

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Courier – Homes and the local businesses will be delivered packages by the courier. Answering the customers’ questions may be counted as one of the prime responsibility of a courier. The customers are to be taken care of primarily. Apart from assuring that the package delivery is on time, the courier is also responsible for assisting the organization of the packages. This is done when they are being loaded in the back area of the vehicle. The courier’s pay depends on experience, and he gets anywhere between $12 and $25 per hour.

Supervisor – The place where the trucks are dispatched is supervised by this individual. As a part of the duties performed by the supervisor, the handlers are also assisted whenever they are at the warehouse with their trucks. The average hourly salary of a supervisor is between $9 and $15.

Customer Service Representative – With a call center as the basic working place for the customer service representative, this individual has to answer phone calls from customers and attend the complaints. Any questions related to website, are solved by this individual. The customer service representative gets an hourly salary between $12 and $17.

Advantages of working @ FedEx 

The company offers visual, dental, and medical plans, when it comes to medical insurance. Apart from this, life insurance, short term and long term disability plans, education assistance, scholarships, adoption assistance, employee assistance, and are provided by the company.

FedEx Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ FedEx  

  • Please give an elaborate account of the job title applied for by you and the basic duties attached?
  • What was the work environment experienced by you in your previous job?
  • How will you describe the favorite part that you went through while working there?
  • Has any type of career growth or promotion been given to you?
  • How can you describe any typical day at work while at your previous job?
  • How can you ensure monitoring of the cargo or the packages on their way to their respective destinations?
  • What is the definition of the term ‘customer care’ in the actual sense at present times?
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