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If you wish your investment in safe hands, and desire security, you can apply for Fidelity Investments mutual funds and investment services because the company offers an array of products and services including brokerage, insurance, mutual funds, financial services, brokerage services and others. Moreover, Fidelity also provides hundreds of career opportunities and request Fidelity investment Job Application for the current and perspective job openings.

Brief History

The history of Fidelity goes back to 1930 when it is created as an investment firm but, the actual beginning of Fidelity Fund only began in 1943, when Edward C. Johnson 2 was nominated as president and director of Fidelity Fund. In 1946, Edward C. Johnson 2 founded Fidelity Management and Research Company (FMR Co) or Fidelity Investment to act as an investment advisor to Fidelity Fund. In 1947, Fidelity Puritan Fund, also Fidelity Mutual Fund was introduced to earn through stocks.  In 1969, the company entered foreign investment market by founding Fidelity International Limited in Bermuda for overseas investors to manage mutual funds. Over the years, with numerous innovative additions to its mutual fund, financial services and others, the company became the largest financial services and mutual fund group globally. The company was rebranded as ‘Fidelity Worldwide Investment’ in September 2011.

Fidelity has $3.9 trillion in assets under administration, including managed assets of $1.7 trillion, as of December 31, 2012.

The Corporate Headquarters of Fidelity Investment is located at 82 Devonshire Street Boston, Massachusetts 02109. The company’s regional offices are situated in NM, KY, OH, TX, RI, FL, NC, NY, NH, NJ, and UT in the US, and Toronto, Canada.

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As of December 31, 2012, the total assets of the company were $3.9 trillion, including $1.7 trillion managed assets.

Product & services

Fidelity Investment is the world’s leading provider of brokerage, investment management, financial products and services, mutual funds, benefits outsourcing, portfolio guidance benefit, stock plan, health and welfare services. It is also country’s No 1 401(k) retirement savings plans provider together with leading source for 403(b) retirement plans to21, 000 employers. The company serves over 20 million individuals through 5,000 financial intermediary firms.

The primary products and service of the company includes, Asset Management – Personal Investing, National Financial, Workplace Investing, Institutional Services – Fidelity Family Office Services, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, Fidelity Capital Markets, Fidelity Financial Advisor Solutions, and Charitable Services.

Minimum Working Age: 18 years

Fidelity Investments Operation Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 5:30pm; Saturday and Sunday closed.

Fidelity Investment Careers

Being the world’ s largest financial products and services and mutual fund company, it also offers hundreds of employment opportunities for different positions in more than 181 Investor Centres, and regional offices. Currently there are 41,000 employees working with the company for offering service to its customers.

The primary career areas in the company include Business Analysis/Project Management, Administration, Client/Customer Service, Corporate Services, Payroll & Benefits Outsourcing, Marketing/Advertising/Media/Communication,  Branches/Investor Centres, Finance & Accounting, Investment, Retirement Services,  Investment Support, Operations, Product Development & Management, Technology and Sales & Relationship Management, and Grads, Undergrad Intern.


The applicants must register with the Career Centre through 4 letters Username and 8 letters Password for Login and Fidelity Investment Job Application. Once the registration is completed, the applicant can create his/her profile for Application. The Job search system of the company offers tools for job search including Job Number, Keyword, Job Title, Job Location, Posting Date, Job Type, Job Schedule, Job Level and Job Shift. The Career page also offers a complete list of job openings throughout the country. The company also offers International jobs for its offices in India, China, Ireland and Canada.

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Application Process

The jobs can be searched without creating a profile, but once the choice job is found, the applicant will be asked to create a profile/a resume. The applicant must also answer questions that are asked at the time of resume submission. On receipt of the resume, the hiring team will send a confirmation e-mail, and if the skills in the profiles and answers to asked questions match with the posted job requirements, the recruiting team will contact the applicant and ask for an interview over a phone, which will be followed by in-person interview, first with the hiring team and manger and other with the second in the team. The interviews are mostly behavior-based and related to the candidate’s accomplishments. The hiring process are longer, depending upon several factors, related to qualified candidates and skills. The salary is offered as per the skills, experience and qualification.

Job Description

Administration – Provide process support, project coordination, customer service, and other related services to all business units of Fidelity.

Finance/Accounting – Provide comprehensive financial services through accounting, tax, fund and analysis functions to the business of Fidelity, assisting them to allocate resources strategically.

Client/Customer Services – Work directly with the investment professionals and customers, bank officers and brokers and ensures that all service need of these people are met.

Fidelity Investment Benefits

Fidelity Investment also offers a number of Benefits to employees for their and family’s present and future security and better work environment including Health & Insurance, Retirement Programs,  Work/Life Programs, and Training & Development.

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Fidelity Investments Job Application

Fidelity Investment  Interview Questions

  • Give us an example when you had to read a person to offer him a value added service?
  • Tell us a time when you motivated a team to complete a project?
  • What was your toughest assignment and how did you achieve it?
  • Have you acted on your own beyond company policy, and what was the result?
  • Were you able to perform your job better under a pressure, give us an example?
  • Did any of your wrong decision cost the company in losing a customer?
  • If you were given multiple projects, how will you line them up?
  • How do you prioritize your multiple projects?
  • Have you ever managed a situation where you had to implement an unpopular decision?
  • When did you disagree with your supervisor?