Finance Internship Sample Cover Letter

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The cover letter for a position regarding Finance Internship helps you get introduced to potential employers. It must be appendage to the job application and resume. 
This document is crucial as it highlights your strengths as a willing candidate and reflects your interest in the job as Finance Intern. This cover letter is a plan to get in the link with the respective company, where you submit the resume and look out for an interview call.

Finance Internship Sample Cover Letter

Mary O’Brian
11 Crest Street
Stanley Lane, NJ 20015 
Home: (456) 789 – 3425
Mobile: (999) 989 9999

Mr. John Wright
Senior Executive Manager Assistant    
Silver Hatchet
9, Autumn Street
St. Florida, NJ 76544

Dear Mr. Wright

Excitement finds no limits as I apply for the program of summer internship organised by Silver Hatchet as advertised in the weekly CVC Times, New Jersey. It was Mr. Nathan Astle who recommended me to go in for the internship as the qualifications easily proceed in accordance with my teaching skills, interest, as well as the experience gathered.

At present,  I work as a junior officer at the University of New Jersey, and I have had finance as the main subject. All courses of finance were topped by me when I was in college and this further motivates me into choosing a career, which involves tutoring youngsters. Apart from being exceptionally talented in the titled job, I try using my inter-personal skills whenever I deal with the vast array of clients and other agency personnel. I love using my rapid study techniques.

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I thoroughly appreciate your concern for my resume and am eager to get involved in a face to face meeting with you. That way, we can openly discuss other career opportunities in details. I will call you through the telephone on the first working day of the week to arrive. In the meantime, you can contact me at the mobile number – (999) 990 909 9909.   

Thank you for sparing the time and showing your interest. I am looking forward to remaining in constant contact with you.  

Mary O’Brian
Encl.: Resume