Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample

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A Cover Letter, for the post of a Financial Analyst, forms a vital component with respect to the resume, as well as the job application. The latest employer gets an idea about the applicant when he or she just goes through this one page summary. This also gives an urge to the reader to go through your resume. The procedure of drafting this cover letter must carry the reason why the job application is being submitted. A brief summary regarding the skills and qualifications, acquired by the applicant is also given herein.

Bob Woolmer
9601 SW Avenue
Valve Street
Columbus, Ohio 90744
November 5, 2010

Ms Charlene Prince
Hiring Department
Madison Controls
MDJN-Germantown 3
Arkansas, ARK 10214

Subject: Application for the Position of Financial Analyst

Dear Ms. Prince,

With response to the advertisement on your website, regarding vacancy for the position of Financial Analyst, I am here by writing to apply for the advertised position. The organization’s requirement of a self-directed and assertive candidate has a rapport with my persona. I am always driven by deadlines and details. Moreover, I would love to work for a finance company that carries such a high reputation in the market.

I will certainly be proud to contribute to this company, which is holding the top position at present, as far as the annual ranking of the monthly Corporate Magazine is concerned, according to an article on the ’50 Best Corporate Companies’ for the year 2010.

It will be a feeling of pride, to work with such a famous company, which is holding the number one position in Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s annual ratings for “100 Best Corporate Citizens” in 2011. The previous company, ‘Inox Solutions’, with which I worked, was located too far from the place of my dwelling, and I was not satisfied with the working conditions observed over there. I finally resigned last month. The work I did at ‘Inox Solutions’ was concerned with an in-depth material analysis, and forecasting of budget and cost. I have given a demonstration of being an expert in analysing the performance, and monitoring forecast of the budget.   

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I am enclosing my resume herewith, which will give you a detailed knowledge of my qualifications and skills. I will highly appreciate it if I get the opportunity of meeting you in the close future, so as to discuss the possibility of getting this job. For any other information about me, kindly feel free to contact me at (101) 991-3886 or via my email address i.e.

I appreciate your consideration and would request for an interview in the near future. 

Donald K. Tucker