Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample

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The job application submitted by you may be considered incomplete whenever there is a lack of a cover letter. Prior to making a resume, one should try and understand the wants of the potential employer. The governing factors for choosing an ideal employee are qualifications, skills, and the most important, experience. The candidate must include the cover letter for giving the employer a general idea of the skills and qualifications carried by the prospective employee.

Jordan William
999 Model Street
Oldarc, New Jersey 32123
Email – williamjordan@mail.com

Mr. Arthur Rice
Manager – Human Resource
143 One NE Lane
Oldarc, New Jersey 32123

Subject: Application for the position of Flight Attendant

Dear Mr. Rice

With reference to the advertisement regarding a vacant position of a Flight Attendant, which appeared in a National Daily, I am hereby, submitting my resume for your kind consideration. What strongly attracts me towards the position is the fact that it rivets safety tasks, customer service, and of course, hospitality. Such an exciting and challenging career has always been sought after by me all through these years. I strongly hope that the skills possessed by me and the strong background that I have cultivated would be the satisfying tools to your requirements.  

Some of the skills possessed by me are mentioned herewith for your quick reference:

  • Greeting the passengers on board along with providing guidance to their respective seats;
  • serving and providing hospitality when in the air;
  • Ensuring a professional and safe journey while ensuring the provision of resourceful generosity;
  • Proffering guidance whenever there is a situation of emergency creeping up during the flight;
  • Providing sales of various products while on board;
  • Caring for effectual relations and maintaining them with all the colleagues and crew members;
  • and, ascertaining the positive functionality of the on-board equipments that are used during emergency.
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Since you need a dedicated, enthusiastic, and skilled flight attendant, for the purpose of achieving success, the credentials owned by me may prove to be relevant. Please refer to my enclosed resume. Meeting you for discussing the wants for the position of a flight attendant and my skills for the same would be a source of pleasure for me. I’ll make a call within a week’s time to follow up the status of my candidature. In the superseding period, I will be available at the contact number (contact number).

Please accept my thanks for the time given by you as well as your consideration. I positively look onward and undergo a meeting with you for exploring further opportunities in this field.

Jordan William
Encl. Resume