Follett Job Application

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Follett Corporation is running college campus bookstores across the United States. The company operates hundreds campus bookstores in schools and higher academic institutions.

The job opportunities by these stores can be accesses online. Visit the corporate website of the Follett Corporation. Search the job opportunities on the website and apply by sending your resume. The applicants can find jobs as sales representatives, delivery drivers, inventory specialists, and district managers. There are many distribution centres managed by the company. Many job opportunities are available at these centres. The distribution centres have been hiring stock room associates, inventory checkers and transportation supervisors. Apply now. There may be job opportunities in your state at present.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Follett:- Working hours vary by locations

Age Eligibility @ Follett:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Follett:– Shipping supervisor, Human resource trainer, Custom cataloguer, Customer service specialist, Support clerk, Business systems analyst, Sales associates, Sales administration associate, Accounts payable representative, Cashier, Store manager, Home office intern, Assistant store manager, Classroom specialist receiving supervisor, Accountant, Store manager trainee, Merchandise planner, Human resource generalist, marketing manager

History:- This Company was founded in late 18th century. It has been operating for more than 140 years. It supplies books and stationery to schools and colleges. It is one of the largest chains of campus bookstores. More than 10,000 workers are serving the institution. Its annual revenue is more than $2 billion. The corporation also operates a software company, in addition, to dealing in books and educational merchandise.

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Additional Services:- The Corporation offers educational materials through its e-commerce website – This is the largest retailer of educational books for colleges and schools. The company provides a variety of services through various subsidiaries – Follett Higher Education Group, Follett Library Resources, Follett Educational Services, Follett Software Company, and Follett International.

Presence:- There  is more than 800 company owned stores. These campus bookstores can be located in all U.S. states.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Follett Corporation has been running a widespread network of campus bookstores. It requires sales representatives at the locations. The sales associates manage the store, sell books, maintain accounts, and keep a check on inventory. They are also responsible to forward requests of specific books to the distribution centres. Similarly, there are many jobs in distribution. The distribution centres have been hiring stock associates, inventory specialists, visual merchandisers and delivery drivers. While stock associates look after merchandise at the store, perform loading and unloading, keep inventory records updated, the delivery drivers transport merchandise from distribution locations to respective campus stores. Inventory specialists keep a check on inventory and sales analyzing trends and assisting business decision making.

The managers either work in regional offices or distribution centres. They are responsible to meet the demands, conduct promotional activities and manage sales. There are also jobs in specific departments of the corporate office like accounting, administration, finances, and sales and marketing.

Advantages of Working @ Follett:

The workers employed at campus stores are either on contract jobs or are paid salaries. They work during the operational hours of the respective school or college. They have the opportunity to study as well as earn simultaneously. The employees hired by distribution centres or regional offices are also on salary packages. They earn attractive pays including insurance, healthcare and 401(K).
Follett Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Follett:

  • Why Follett Corporation?
  • How are you fit for the job you have applied?
  • Show us your driving license?
  • Have your studies completed?
  • Why are you interested in a job as a sales representative?
  • Will you be able to handle cash properly?
  • Have you knowledge of some accounting software?