Footaction Job Application

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Footaction is a retailer leading in athletic footwear. The company caters youngsters and is present all across the nation. It has more than three hundred retail stores located in the United States and Puerto Rico. Operating as brand subsidiary to ‘Foot Locker Inc’, this shoe store caters the youth. Talking about the size of locations occupied by this footwear giant, on an average, it measures close to 2,900 (sq) feet of retail space.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The shoe store opens Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 8:00pm; while the timings on Sunday are: 12:00pm to 7:00pm.

Age Eligibility – Sixteen years old.

Career Opportunities

Some positions that are available with this store are Store Manager, Sales Associate, and Customer Care Representatives. Other commonly available positions are Assistant Store Manager, Financial Analyst, Administrative Assistant, and Inside Sales Associate. There are many more titles that one can opt for applying, such as Stock Clerk, Receiving Clerk, Shipping Clerk, Warehouse Associate etc.


Charles S. Cristol was the founder of Footaction in 1976, located in Wichita Falls, in Texas. This company was among the biggest specialty retailers in the U.S., wherever sports goods are in question. Footaction was acquired by Melville Corporation, a retail holding, and was merged with ‘Fan Club’, which was its own concept of sporting goods retail specialty. It was after Footaction ultimately swirled out so as to operate with Footstar that a national competitor in the form of Foot Locker bought Footaction, in the year 2004.


There are many stores owned by this company in United States as well as in Puerto Rico. In North America itself, the number of stores owned by this company is close to 320. There is a close possibility of opening new stores in the European countries. But the company did not disclose any plans of expansion out of America, until June 2011. 

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Additional Services

Operating primarily out of shopping malls, the Footaction presents knowledgeable staff to assist its esteemed customers. Both off brand and name brand sporting goods, and that too at inexpensive prices are available for sale. The merchandise includes sports equipment, shoe inserts, socks, shirts, hats, and shoes. An online store is also under operation for the Footaction USA.

Community Initiatives

This retailer is recognized nationally, and many projects involving the community are participated by the footwear store. Programs for youth athletes are sponsored by this company, and it also offers scholarships to young sportspersons. A charity organization in the name of ‘Foot Locker Foundation’ supports the Footaction, which works with the parent company i.e. Foot Locker.

Environmental Initiatives

Used and old shoes are regularly donated by this shoe manufacturing company, to under privileged youths and homeless shelters. This is for inspiring the lives of people of the community, along with reducing waste products. Along with shoe drives, the company also brings about business practices that are environmentally conscious whenever feasible. With the basic aim of bringing about a reduction in environmental impact and limiting the production of waste, many locations of this company also takes part in programs of recycling.

Financial Stature

This subsidiary is wholly owned and is associated with Foot Locker International, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, CCS, Champs Sports, and Foot Locker. Foot Locker Inc has its control over 2.8 billion as total assets. Further, it also produces $4.8 billion as annual revenue. There are thousands of workers employed, with headquarters in New York.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Lead – The sales lead helps the customers with purchases and size their feet. He also assists the buyers with exceptional orders of footwear, in case of an absence of the respective shoes in the stock. In addition to bringing the inventory to the floor, the Sales Lead helps to maintain cleanliness in the store. The average salary of the Sales Lead is between $7 and $9 per hour.

Stock / Receiving – Unloading of trucks and putting the merchandise at the suitable places come as prime duties of this individual. Also pricing the goods and making sure that the merchandise arriving at the store is in perfect state. The products have to be bought at the sales area of the store, in addition, to providing  assistance with various other activities. This worker gets an average salary ranging between $7 and $10 per hour.

Assistant Manager or Supervisor – The Assistant Manager watches over the shifts in the absence of the main manager. The everyday opening and closing of the store stands to be the duty of this individual. Assisting the employees, whenever needed, also comes under the responsibilities of this entity. The average salary for the assistant manager exceeds $8 per hour, as per the experience carried.

Advantages of working@Footaction

Employees are offered a broad range of benefits. These packages consist of employee discount, healthcare coverage, paid time off, in addition to, some other worthy job perks. There are future benefits like 401 (k) retirement plans offered by the company to all qualified workers.
Footaction Job Application

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Job Interview Questions@Footaction

  • What is the property of ‘ambassador shoes’ available in the market?
  • Why are bathroom slippers ‘V’-shaped?
  • What is the type of footwear, which is the most preferred in tropical regions?
  • What is the importance of anklet footwear?
  • Why are physical training footwear made of cloth?
  • What are the properties of ‘coolers’?
  • How did you come to know about this company?
  • As far as the post applied for employment is considered, how much salary do you expect from this company?
  • How will you manage to deal with arrogant customers?