Fred Meyer Job Application

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Organization Details

The Fred Meyer store is controlled by a director or assistant director, if the director is not present. A manager accompanied by the assistant manager plus a third manager and even more, runs the store depending on the departmental size. Apart from the management staff, some non management supervisors assuming the duties related to staff of management. Working Hours @ Fred Meyer: The store is open every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Fred Meyer: To be a member of the work force here, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Fred Meyer: Cashier, Bakery clerk, Staff Pharmacist, Sales Associate, Grocery Clerk, Jeweler, Pharmacy Technician, Customer Service Officer, Department Manager, Stock Clerk, Assistant Manager, Cake Decorator, Store Manager, etc.

Presence: Fred Meyer stores can be located in regions, such as Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. Prior to merging with Kroger, which happened in October 1998, the company traded actively on the New York Stock Exchange and had the ticker symbol of FMY. Now, the company is a part of Kroger but the stores still possess the brand name of Fred Meyer.
Additional Services: Many other amenities, like Jewelry from Fred Meyer, Prescription Pharmacy, Play land, coffee kiosk, etc. Complementary businesses get adjoining or internal space for starting retail stores.

Some recommendations are Alaska USA Federal Credit Unit, or Chase Bank, cobbler, shoe repairer and the likes. Financial Stature: In 2012 as July ended, the assets of Meyer Memorial Trust touched $645 million. Around $31 million grants were offered. In the beginning of three months of fiscal year 2013, grants coming close to a $5.3 million were awarded by the company.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Grocery Clerk: The employee at this position does the needful working on the grocery floor. He or she is responsible for assisting in storing of shelves. Other duties involve assisting customers and ensuring cleanliness of the floor. When in the backroom, the grocery clerk also helps organizing in addition to many other spontaneous jobs assigned. The average salary of this clerk varies from $8 to $19 per hour.

Customer Service: At the customer service work station, one has to accept takings, assist with lottery tickets, and ensure satisfaction for the customer regarding any issues. Many spontaneous and odd jobs would also have to be performed by this individual when going through downtime. This individual gets a salary ranging from $8 to $13 per hour.

Cashier: The work station of a cashier is usually at the front region of the store. Cash registers are to be run by this individual, apart from accepting coupons and ensuring that customers have their problems solved. A cashier at this store gets a salary ranging from $12.00 to $17.00 per hour.

Deli Clerk: The person on this position helps preparing salads, chicken, foods apart from other dishes. He or she has to assist customers while placing orders. Additionally, one might also be required to organize non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian menu items which include cutting meat and handling salads, etc. Opening the Deli, closing it and ensuring cleanliness of the same also falls under the duties of a Deli clerk. The average pay of a person at this position ranges from $9 to $12 per hour.

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Supervisor: The entire shift is going to be under the supervision of the supervisor. He or she ensures that the company’s standards are followed by the department as a whole, and also helps to assign tasks. In case of any dilemma or problem of any sort, the person on this position is the one to solve or consult the manager. The average pay for a person at this position starts from @ $10 to $15 per hour.

Advantages of working @ Fred Meyer Store

The advantages for a worker at Fred Meyer Store generally depend on whether he or she is a part time or a full time employee. Health packages are also offered on dental/ vision, paid time off and disability. There also exists a healthy chance of promotion.

Job Interview Questions @ Fred Meyer

Some questions pertaining to the interview of suitable candidates might be as under:

  1. What motivated you to go for a job in this company?
  2. What should be the reason of hiring you for the post you have applied for?
  3. Does your schedule show any range of flexibility?
  4. Regarding the sales environment, do you possess any experience?
  5. What do you mean by customer service?
  6. What will be your response towards a customer who wants a discount?
  7. How will you attend and solve complaints from customers?
  8. How will you make a customer to visit the store for shopping again?
  9. How is the work of a salesman challenging? How would you modify your attitude to accept the challenges of this work environment?
  10. How will you react to coworkers who act offensively against norms laid down by the company?
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Fred Meyer Job Application