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The Fred’s, Inc. has stores situated in fourteen states of southeastern U.S. and works as a discount retailer. By and large, it serves medium and small sized towns by offering food, house wares, linens and clothing, pharmaceuticals, beauty and health aids, cleaning and paper supplies and even tobacco products. About 500 discount stores of general merchandise with 26 locations franchised are operated by Fred’s. Close to half of the stores provide pharmacies with full service which further measures to nearly one-third of the revenue produced by the company.

With a format of a unique store and a strategy which joins superb elements of mass merchant, discount dollar store and a drug store, Fred’s stores have  more than 12,000 randomly purchased stuff that satisfy the daily needs of customers. The merchandise encompasses nationally recognized products with popular brand name merchandise, off-brand produce, with a lower price, and proprietary products with Fred’s label.

Organization Details

Working Hours @Fred’s Applications: On all seven days of the week, Fred’s is open. From Monday to Friday, the timings are 10:00 am to 9:00 pm while the timing on Sundays is 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Fred’s Applications: The applicant should be at least eighteen years old if he or she wants to get employed with Fred’s for all the entry level job positions.

Career Opportunities @Fred’s Application: The jobs available with Fred’s Applications are Accountant, Sales Associate, Grocery Clerk, Administrative Assistant / Clerical Worker, Store Clerk, Cashier, Retail Clerk, Store Manager, Operations Manager, Distribution-Shipping Associate, etc.

History:- In Coldwater in the year 1947, the first store of Fred’s was opened. By the year 1953, Fred’s shifted its head office to Memphis, Tennessee. It operates about seven hundred discount merchandise general stores which have 24 franchised Fred’s stores. These stores are situated mainly across southeastern states.

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Presence:-Being a chain with a strong presence, the Fret’s is managed much like a free community pharmacy apart from taking pleasure for the aptitude to provide tailored care for the customers.

Community Initiatives:-Working with Fred’s, one becomes part of a team which behaves like a relationship and is closely community oriented. Employees in Fred’s take an active part in functions which are meant for charities. These are exemplified by The Children’s Miracle and the United Way network thus returning to masses and community that chains its survival.

Financial Stature:-The Fred’s store has shown a financial base that is sturdy along with exhibition of steady growth with regards to its history. Exception occurs only due to the setbacks it faced during the economic recession of recent times. The economic crisis of recent times has been overcome. The company has emerged stronger and is still continuing to grow with opening of additional stores, and keeping a watch for people suitable to satisfy the application, thus becoming a section of a growing team.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier:- The cashier bears the responsibility for competent, exact and quick procession of sales, maintenance of services to outstanding customer service with regards to Company assets. Also, they safeguard the assets of the company by maintaining the cash register. In addition to the friendly atmosphere, they also acknowledge each customer. A solid awareness of the product and other characteristics of customer service should be known to the cashier. The average pay for the cashier falls between $7to$18 per hour.

Retail Store Manager:-Retail store managers are responsible for running departments or stores to satisfy the policies and targets of the company. The aim of a retail manager focuses on maximizing profits and reducing the costs.  The tasks of a retail store manager typically include motivating and managing a team to guarantee efficiency and motivate sales. Managing the levels of stocks and making choices of inputs regarding stock control is also the responsibility of a store manager. For exploiting gains, he or she has to analyze the figures of sales, and also estimate the volume of future sales. Interpretation after analysis of trends for helping future planning is also one of the duties performed. An annual salary of the retail store manager comes close to $29,000 to $76,000.

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Operations Expert:- The duties of a customer service representative involve processing freight, merchandising, providing an outstanding service to the customers, maintenance of store conditions and performing other jobs as assigned to him. A candidate appointed for the job has to have a minimum of two years of experience in retailing. Further he or she must be available for work even on holidays as well as on weekends. Computer skills would also be important to be victorious in this position. The average salary for a job like this comes to $8.50 to $9.50 per hour.

Customer Service Representative:-The duties assigned to a customer service representative include placing and receiving telephone calls. Handling the problems of customers with professionalism and swiftness to maintain a solid connection with them also falls as a job duty of the customer service representative. The software programs of employees and performance of data entry are the duties of this representative. Some research skills would prove useful while troubleshooting problems faced by customers. It is also imperative to possess excellent communication skills. The average pay for a customer service representative equals $10.12 per hour.

Advantages of working @ Fred’s Application

Part-time as well as the full time employees are offered bighearted compensations. Along with flexible scheduling, salary in healthy competition with the industry levels plus a work schedule which has a friendly environment without stress is usually maintained. Additional benefits are provided to employees working full time. These include remuneration in the form of dental and medical insurance, health insurance, paid sick leaves and days of vacation, 401 (k) plans of retirement. Fred’s also believes in the importance of having a lot of time to spend with the family. A flexible time schedule is promptly offered to its employees for devoting precious time for other pursuits as well.

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Job Interview Questions @ Fred’s Application

The following interview questions are probable ones to be asked. However, the candidate is advised to ponder over even more questions and be prepared to answer them promptly:

  1. What would be your way of action in case of a conflict with an irate customer regarding the product he purchased?
  2. Please elaborate your style of working, and the way it is going to benefit this organization in a fruitful way.
  3. What makes you being interested in a store providing retail jobs to aspiring candidates?
  4. What is your style of management when you are at work?
  5. How would the experience gained from the previous job help you in excelling in this company?
  6. What do you have that is different from the other candidates, which makes you unique from the rest?  
  7. What will be your plan of action if a customer approaches you and requests for a discount?

Fred’s Job Application