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Working as a unit subsidiary to Tesco, Fresh & Easy is the 3rd largest retailer of the globe. The United States West Coast is the prime spot where the grocery is mainly present. The company further plans to expand its stores in U.S.. The headquarters of this company is maintained at El Segundo, California.  . Appliances that use low energy are utilized extensively by the store. Not only this, an efficient design of products also keeps low operating costs as well as the price of the products.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The store is open every day from 8:00am to 10:00pm.  

Age Eligibility  

The applicant must be at least sixteen (16) years of age while applying for any position in this company.

Career Opportunities

Stock Associate, Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Meat Clerk, Cashier,
Assistant Manager, Bakery Clerk, Department Manager, Grocery Clerk, Bagger.


Tesco started working in the year 1919. It was founded by Jack Cohen when he started selling items of grocery in a stall of east-end London. His viewpoint to ‘buy cheap, sell cheap’ went on to become a success. It propelled him to the initial branded product which was launched in the year 1924 and was named as – ‘Tesco Tea’. The initials of the partner with the firm of tea supply, i.e. T. E. Stockwell, combined with the starting alphabets of Cohen’s last name – gave the company its name.


The headquarters of the company is located in El Segundo, California. In the year 2007, Tesco started operating grocery stores of a small format. The company has close to two hundred stores located in America.  California, Nevada and Arizona are some states where the store finds is presence.

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Wholesome foods minus the preservatives, artificial colors, corn syrup with high fructose, or unnatural flavors are provided by the store.

Environmental Initiatives

Reduction of the impact as far as environment is concerned, wherever it may be possible, comes as a top priority for this company. Being green and reduction of pollution is good as far as the planet as well as the budget borne by the company is concerned. For items like aluminum, glass, plastic, and plastic bags, there is In-store reuse available. The shipping material and the display can be brought into use again. Other stuff like plastic shrink wraps, paper, cardboard, hand baskets or crates that are damaged, umbrellas, gloves, and slippers are also included. To maintain better quality of the air in and around the store, the buildings are free of smoke and have effective ventilation.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Team Leader

Management of a wide range of activities is needed to be performed by the Team Leader. Tasks like daily planning, solving problems, as well as other similar operations are to be performed such that the unrestricted productivity level of the company is met with. The direction of manufacturing as well as merchandising of products and ensuring that the activities in the grocery are smooth for customers and employees. The average hourly salary for the team leader is $12.48.

Service Analyst

This entity is responsible for analysis of the operations in department of customer service. He or she works on completing ventures which boost efficiencies of operation regarding customer service. Reports are made by this analyst highlighting the performance of a department as against the objectives assigned. The average salary for the service analyst is between $93,000 and $101,000 yearly.

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Functional Analyst

At this post, the accountability of ensuring that the technical and computer systems are in a functional condition. The objectives regarding the employees, who are in business, are to be understood by this individual, followed by determining the modifications to be made in the systems such that they are made user friendly. Annually, the functional analyst earns $50,798.

Store Manager

Maintaining order in the store every time, ensuring that customers get a forceless access towards information and supplies that are imperative. Sustaining facilities, services,  updated inventories which are obtainable, supplies and stocks also come under the work profile of the store manager. The average hourly salary offered for a job like this is $22.37.

Advantages of working@Fresh and Easy

Working for a minimum of twenty hours weekly would make an employee eligible to avail employee benefits package for taking care of their families and themselves. The training program offered is pleasurable and comprehensive too. Skills while on work, teamwork etc. are other points of focus while offering the advantages to work here.

The friendly atmosphere at work and values that are environmentally responsible make this company a great place to be a part of and work in. It also provides a generous package of benefits for all its eligible employees. Qualified employees may also enjoy visual and dental plans, a 401 (k) plan for retirement, as well as medical insurance. The staff rewards card helps the staff in earning the points regarding shopping at the Fresh & EasyTM.  There is a program for employee assistance which is called ComPsych Guidance Resources. There is a flexible spending account with regards to healthcare as well as care for dependent(s). The Special discount programs are immediately available for the eligible employees.
Fresh and Easy Application

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Job Interview Questions at Fresh and Easy

It depends on the qualifications of the candidate as to what type of questions may be asked during the interview phase of selection. Here are some questions which may probably be asked but the candidate can also frame possible questions and prepare accordingly:

  • Before you arrive at any decision, how do you work-out or follow any steps before ultimately solving it?
  • What were you doing since you quit from you last job?
  • What can be considered as the biggest failure in your life and your plans to overcome it?
  • How much do you expect in the form of salary once you join the company?
  • Were you ever confronted with trouble or fight with a colleague, your boss, or any customer…how did you resolve it?
  • Since you are lacking job experience how do you plan to work at this totally new environment?
  • How long will you take before contributing towards a positive development of the company?
  • Every person has a work style that is unique to him or her. How do you describe yours’?
  • How do you make the positive use of your spare time in everyday life?