Fry’s Food Job Application

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Fry’s Food and Drug is a chain comprising of grocery stores which works in the form of retail locations in Southwest America. Primarily through, this supermarket series functions in Arizona, there are many stores locate in other areas of Southwestern America. The corporate umbrella of Kroger is used by Fry’s Food & Drug Stores, Inc. for its business operations. Many other regional grocery chains namely King Soopers, Fred Meyer, QFC, Food 4 Less, Smith’s Food and Drug, City Market, Dillon’s, and Ralphs, are also owned and operated by the Kroger Company.

Kroger being the largest chain of grocery in the country, presently has around 330,000 workers employed. With close to 780 convenience stores, the customers arriving at this grocery are given 393 stores of exquisite jewelry, and a choice of 737 supermarket centers of fuel. Forty one plants for food processing in the United States are also operated by the company. ‘Fry’s Signature’ being a small, high-end grocery store chain, ‘Fry’s Marketplace’ belongs to department stores of hypermarket style, such as house wares, grocery, pharmacy, toys, clothing etc. The headquarters of the company is situated in Cincinnati.

Organization Details

Working Hours

This grocery is open every day from 6 am to 12 midnight.

Age Eligibility

The minimum age to be possessed by the applicant must be at least 16 years.

Career Opportunities

Deli Clerk, Dairy Manager, Cashier, Entry-Level Loss Prevention Specialist, Bagger, Stocker, Grocery Manager, Courtesy Clerk, Customer First Clerk, Grocery Coordinator, Night Crew Stocking Manager, Pharmacy Manager, Store Manager, Salad Bar Associate, Pharmacy Technician (Floating), Full-Time Grocery Night Stock Leader, Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician – 3rd Shift, Retail Chef/Pastry Chef, Floral Manager, Store Associate, Corporate Grocery Buyer etc.

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This company was founded by Donald Fry in 1954, in California. Seeking help from Charles, his brother, the founder expanded the store in Arizona, in the year 1960. However, in 1972, Fry’s was sold and many mergers followed along with acquisitions later during the decade, and in 1980s, the store became a part of the Kroger. A planned merger with Kroger was announced by Fred Meyer on 19 October 1998. Later, on 27 May, 1999, the FTC or Federal Trade Commission endorsed the amalgamation of the companies and officially titled it as The Kroger Co.


Working as an operating division of The Kroger Company, there are more than 2,300 stores located in around thirty states in the U.S.

A major presence of the company is maintained in Peoria, Arizona as well. Fry’s operates using the banner – ‘Fry’s Marketplace’ and is a chain comprising of multi department stores.


Apart from grocery items, there are some other products always available for sale. These are stuffs such as house wares, toys, pharmacy, and clothing.

Community Initiatives

With a valued sense for civic outreach, and local pride, the company works with churches, civic organizations, and schools, for development. It also aims at cultivating some productive teamwork among the families of the customers’ and their own. For more than one hundred and twenty eight years, the company has been set apart due to value, and it is the reason of their survival.

Financial Stature

This is a company which is publically held and also trades using a ticker symbol ‘KR’ on the New York Stock Exchange. There are about 330,000 workers employed for Kroger.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier – Working at the store’s front area, the cashier works with the cash register by maintaining a cash register at each transaction. Training may also be provided for operating the lanes of U-SCAN too. Apart from this, ringing up credible customers, assisting them while they make their purchases, and also accepting coupons and cash are the duties of the cashier. The average salary for this individual falls between $8 and $13 per hour.

Dairy Manager – With the dairy section being the work place, the Dairy Manager assures that there is full smoothness in the work which goes on in the department. In addition to this, he or she also ensures that the company standards are followed by the department. On an average, the Dairy Manager gets an hourly salary between $11 and $19.

Deli Clerk – Cutting and storing meats, and preparing foods such as salads, rotisserie chicken etc., are some of the duties to be performed by the deli clerk. Helping the customers as per their order and answering queries also comes as duties of this clerk. On an average, salary of the Deli Clerk earns $9 to $14 per hour.

Advantages of working@Fry’s Food

Apart from competitive wages, as offered by this company, a 401 (k) scheme for retirement, flexible working hours, health insurance, and liberal vacation time also come valid for each legible employee working for the company. Short term and long term disability benefits, stock purchasing plan, different options for insuring the car and home, and a positive opportunity for growth are some other job benefits offered by the company.
Fry’s Food Job Application

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Job Interview Questions@Fry’s Food

An n-number of questions is possible to be asked during the interview round of the selection procedures. The applicant must therefore prepare for this round keeping in mind the qualifications as well as the experience attained by him or her. Some probable questions for this ultimate round are given below as examples:

  • How do you combat the customers who request or even demand  a discount as they purchase items which are already at fixed price?
  • What do you think is the precise meaning of the words- ‘customer satisfaction’ or ‘customer care’?
  • Where do you expect or aspire to be, after working here for a period of, say, five years or even earlier than that?
  • How do you think that the staff should deal with customers having a short temper?
  • Do you have the sustainability of facing cumbersome environment inside the grocery, as may sometimes be a possibility?
  • Have you ever faced criticism on your work and how did you successfully counter it?
  • Legally speaking are you eligible to work for this company?
  • Have you ever thought about relocating yourself?