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The ‘Furniture Row Companies’ happen to be the 4th largest specialty bedding and home furnishings retailer in the United States. There are 5 specialty store brands which include Furniture Row Outlets, Denver Mattresses Company, Bedroom Expressions, Sofa Mart, and Oak Express.

Apart from being America’s largest cash buyer as far as home furnishings are concerned, this brand is one amongst the ‘Top 15’ national furniture retailers.

The first store brand of Furniture Row, which is ‘Big S ur Waterbeds’ fuelled its growth. The company has continuously grown since 1972 through the various furnishings and bedding store brands.

Organization Details

Working Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 9:00 pm; and Sundays: 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility
Eighteen years.

Career Opportunities

Warehouse Lead, Executive Assistant, Lead Consultant, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Delivery Drivers and Helpers, Warehouse Personnel, Retail Sales Manager Trainee, Retail Sales Manager, Sales Associate.


This furniture company started under the name of ‘Pillow Kingdom’, in the year 1974. Three years later, the Big Sur Waterbed was opened in the Denver. As 1982 arrived, the company was the largest waterbed retailer in America. Between 1993 and 1997, some more stores were added in the expanding fleet. The foremost Furniture Row Shopping Center came into operation in the year 1997.  With the opening of shopping centers, the quick development of a new concept of this multi store is in progress.


There is charge of about a hundred stores located in states like Wyoming, Texas, Illinois, and Alabama.

Additional Services

A wide range of home furnishings is sold by this company. In addition, chairs, rugs, tables, and mattresses are also produced here. There comes an offer of financing for the maximum purchase at the store. Many divisions, like Denver Mattress Co., Bedroom Expressions, Oak Express, Furniture Row Outlets, and Sofa Mart are operated by this company at each location.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Manager Trainee – An exclusive level of customer service is needed here. There is a creation of sales, by producing a welcoming environment in the store, and this is also the job duty of a Sales Manager Trainee. This position demonstrates an enthusiasm for furniture and performs a display of positive sales to both, families, as well as individuals. This worker constructs a relationship with visitors and achieves both departmental and personal goals by working in a team-oriented section. The average salary earned by the sales manager trainee is between $40,000 and $80,000 per year.

Executive Assistant – The Executive Assistant is responsible for compiling and generating surveys. Also included in the job duties are completion of expense reports, and management of functions in the office. Compiling and editing the newsletters of the company, and taking part in ventures are other additional duties of this worker. The executive assistant gets an annual income between $35,000 and $40,000.

Warehouse Lead – The duties of unloading as well as processing the furnishing truck orders are on the warehouse lead. The warehouse must be cleaned and well organized by this individual. The responsibility of loading the products sold to the customers also lies on the warehouse lead. Assemblage of furniture and doing floor moves, along with some diverse duties is done by this worker. The warehouse lead gets an average annual salary of around $21,000 to $26,000.

Delivery Drivers and Helpers – These individuals will work to set up, as well as deliver the furniture right from the warehouse to the respective customer home. The individual will load and unload furniture on delivery. The driver/helper also calls and schedules the deliveries. The inspection logs of the truck and maintaining the schedules are the other responsibilities of this worker. The delivery drivers and helpers get about $35,000 – $45,000 as annual wage.

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Lead Consultant – This worker checks the business process and evaluates the competence and adequacy for customers. The lead consultant also suggests appropriate choices to buyers and augments sales. The data on business processes is also collected by him or her. Solving certain dilemmas by formulation of decisions and collecting data on techniques and corporate procedures are other duties of this individual. The lead consultant gets an average wage of $114,100 per year.

Advantages of working@Furniture Row

Some job benefits enjoyed by eligible employees are paid life insurance, paid vacations, 401(k) retirement plans, optical, health and dental insurance.
Furniture Row Application

Job Interview Questions@Furniture Row

  • What do you want to become, say after four or five years of working here?
  • Which furniture do you think is sold the most in this country?
  • Why does the furniture industry draw you to start a career?
  • How would you manage demanding customers?
  • What is your favorite piece of furniture?
  • How do you sell any piece of furniture?
  • Can you perform various duties at any given time?