FYE Job Application

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FYE is an electronics retailer focused on selling entertainment electronic items. It is an abbreviation of ‘For Your Entertainment’. The company maintains stores at 350 locations and offers a number of career options.

The applicants looking for an entry in the electronics retail industry can apply to these stores online. The corporate website of the entertainment allows browsing job listing by store positions, corporate jobs, field management, distribution centre and internship. This is a subsidiary of Trans World Entertainment. The applicants are entertained by offering a job interview opportunity. Qualifying the interview may help grabbing a job in these stores.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ FYE:- Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ FYE:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ FYE:– Sales manager, cashier, Second assistant manager, Customer service representative, Store manager, Financial analyst, sales associate, Distribution centre associate, Assistant manager, Distribution centre supervisor, Inventory specialist, Human resource representative

History:- This is a subsidiary of Trans World Entertainment. The parent company was founded by Robert J Higgins in the year 1972. With the foundation of the company, he opened Record World, a chain of stores specializing in music CDs and other entertainment accessories. Soon, he began flourishing his business through mall based sites. In 2001, the entire mall based stores and the online store were combined to form FYE (abbreviation of ‘For Your Entertainment’). These stores have been extremely successful. Presently, around 650 stores are operational all around the United States.

Additional Services:- These stores are favourite among entertainment lovers. They sell DVDs, video games, music, CDs, Blu-rays and other entertainment products at affordable prices. There are interactive viewing-listening stations installed at each store for enabling customers to test CDs and DVDs.

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Presence:- These stores have a presence in 46 U.S. states including Puerto Rico. They are mostly concentrated on the east coast. The plans for international expansion are also in the pipeline.

Financial Stature: This is a subsidiary of Trans World Entertainment. Trans is a multinational company. It is listed in New York Stock Exchange trading as TWMC. It employs thousands of workers and earns annual revenue in millions of dollars. The corporate office of the company is located in Albany, New York.

Community Initiatives: The Company has been supporting many non-government organizations and local charities. It has also sponsored several music events and educational programs.

Environment Initiatives: Trans has contributed to several local recycling projects. They are a promoter of waste management, paper recycling and energy conservation. They follow EPA guidelines and supports eco-friendly operations.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Several retail jobs are offered by these stores. Anybody 16 or above can aspire to join in the entry-level jobs. The following designations are offered by the stores:

Sales associate: They help customers by guiding them about products. They also help in stocking products, maintaining cleanliness, preventing losses, running cash registers and printing receipts. Salespersons are hired on minimum hourly wages.

Store manager: They train and hire new associates, control inventory, supervise sales rectify customer’s complaints, perform scheduling and prepare financial statements. They also implement policies and report to corporate managers. Their annual salary package could be anywhere between $25,000 and $55,000.

Assistant manager:  Assistant managers set schedules, control expenses and lead staff members. They earn hourly wages between $9 and $12.

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Advantages of Working @ FYE:

There are part-time and full-time career options with these stores. The associates earn standard wages and get access to flex schedules. The professional associates are provided paid trainings, life insurance, medical cover, 401(K), healthcare facilities and disability cover. The associates may also earn over-time and incentives.

FYE Job Application

Job Interview Questions at FYE:

  1. Why FYE?
  2. How have you been in customer service?
  3. Tell us about latest trends in the music world?
  4. Which hours could you work?
  5. Can we call you on weekends?
  6. Would you like doing over-time?
  7. Will you like helping other associates?