Geek Squad Job Application

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Electronics Hobbyists can turn their hobby into a job with Geek Squad. One’s passion to tweak with problems of televisions and computers thus can turn into a well paying job. Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy. It provides employment opportunities in several retail positions.

Job aspirants can apply to a job in Geek Squad online. The jobs are listed on the website of the company. Search the current job listing and apply by filling the employment form. There could be vacancies of technicians, customer service associates, and retail associates. The vacancies are open on a regular basis or whenever replacements are required.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Geek Squad:- These stores remain open all time.

Age Eligibility @ Geek Squad:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Geek Squad:– General manager, Customer service representative, Assistant manager, Computer agents, Computer technician, Geek squad installer, Counter intelligence agent, Car auto-tech installer

History:- Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy. It was founded in the year 1994. It employs thousands of professionals and team workers around the United States. Its annual revenue is about $50 billion. The company maintains headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. Offering 24-hour technical service to the customers, these stores are a support unit of Best Buy.

Additional Services:- These stores sell computing devices and electronic gadgets. They also provide assistance to the customers and on-site technical help. They provide services like repairing computers, software assistance, software replacement and customer service support.

Presence:- These stores are located all over the United States. They work along with the Best Buy stores. A store can be located online on the company’s corporate website.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores have been looking for qualified individuals for filling positions like computer agents, technicians and technical associates. The applicants to these jobs should have good knowledge of computers and mobile devices. They should have expertise on software troubleshooting or hardware repair. The associates may be given job training to fit for the job. The technicians sometime have to fly to customer’s location for fixing problems. The technical associates provide assistance on the telephone and help troubleshooting general problems. Computer agents are confined to repair and maintenance of computers and laptops.

There are also customer service jobs and retail positions. In customer service, associates help customers selecting services and explain policies to them. In retail, associates maintain store, engage in sales processes, stock items and components and help manage inventory. All the workers are supervised by department leaders and store managers. Store managers also take care of financial transactions. They hire professionals and assign them jobs.

Advantages of Working @ Geek Squad:

Since the jobs in Geek Squad involve technical knowledge, the associates are paid good salaries. They enjoy a professional work environment where they are always learning new things and dealing with the latest technology. Standard benefits offered to associates incorporates 401(k) retirement plan, medical cover, dental and vision, paid leaves, paid overtime, healthcare facilities and choice time. Associates also get compensation for travelling and receive incentives.

Geek Squad Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Geek Squad:

  1. Why Geek Squad?
  2. Which computer education have you taken?
  3. What were your subjects in school?
  4. Have you worked on any IT project?
  5. Do you any problem in travelling?
  6. Tell us about your technical skills?
  7. Which precautions must be taken in software troubleshooting?
  8. Will you require job training?
  9. What pay do you expect as a technical associate?
  10. Which segment of consumer electronics is most interesting? Why?
  11. Can you join in mobile department?
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