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Gelson’s is auxiliary to the Arden Group, Inc., which has its headquarters in Compton, California. The Gelson’s Grocery Store gained an impressive name and expanded to even more than twenty four sites and turned out to be a well-liked supermarket chain in Southern California in August 2012. Each location of this supermarket chain offers a variety of spanking new produce, meats, seafood, fresh foods, bakery goods, dairy, and frozen foods. The corporate headquarters of the store are located in Compton, California.

The recognizing feature of the Gelson’s Grocery being America’s leading supermarket chain is that every location has a singular identity of being the best market of the area. This is due to the availability of superior produce, meat of the highest quality, deli and sea foods and exceptional service coupled with an unparalleled range of liquor and wine.

The store is present mainly in Southern California. It maintains business in suburban communities and as well as in major metropolitan areas.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Gelson’s Grocery Store

The store is open each day of the week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Gelson’s Grocery Store

The applicant applying for any post must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

Career Opportunities @ Gelson’s Grocery Store

Store Manager, Cashier, Pharmacist, Assistant Manager, Grocery Clerk, Assistant Manager, Grocery Clerk, Loss Prevention Associate, Department Manager, Pharmacy Technician.


Bernard and Eugene Gelson founded the ‘Gelson’s’ company in the year 1951. This worked as a new experience of shopping grocery for judicious customers. In the face of making shopping unacceptable,  anywhere else other than the Gelson’s Grocery Store, quality products, public convenience, personal services, and cleanliness is always maintained in the store. The original headquarters of the store were placed in Burbank. At present, they are located in Encino, in California.

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The chain has seventeen Gelson’s Store locations which are present in Pasadena, Hollywood, Calabasas, Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood, Century City, Santa Barbara, Pacific Palisades,  Valley Village/NoHo, Marina del Rey, Westlake Village, Dana Point, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Silver Lake/Los Feliz, Encino, and Newport Beach. The headquarters are located in Encino.

Financial Stature  

The Arden Group, which is the parent company stated that there was an increase in sales and a decline in the earnings for the Q4 and the fiscal year ending December 31. The Net income fell to as low as from 22% to $4.3 million. The sales increased from 4.1% to $114.5 million. The net income came down from 6% to $17 million and the sales increased from 3% to $429.5 million.

Gelson’s Job Application

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Loss Prevention Officer:-Jobs for loss prevention are offered in full-time as well as part-time capacities. The prime duties of this officer include reducing the peril of theft, in addition to catching muggers or shoplifters. The Loss Prevention Officers usually get close to $12.00 an hour for beginners and $40,000 yearly for full time workers.

Pharmacy Technician:- There are a lot of Gelson’s Stores including pharmacies for work like pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. These jobs offer a salary between $40,000 annually to a sum exceeding $100,000 yearly. It all depends on experience and the exact position.

Cashier:-Assisting customers when they do the final purchases is the primary job of the cashier. In addition to this, answering the queries about the product, policy, or services, ensuring satisfaction of customers, etc are other duties of the cashier. Cash registers (computerized), credit card machines, and conveyor belts are worked upon by a typical cashier. What may prove to be advantageous is a work history related to customer services or sales. Carrying a positive, courtesy, and friendly attitude along with professionalism every time should be exuded by the ideal candidate. Typically, the cashier receives an hourly salary between $7.25 and $10.00. Experienced candidates can even earn $30,000 annually i.e., $15.00 hourly.

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Advantages of working @ Gelson’s Grocery Store

The workers at Gelson’s Grocery Store get an outstanding salary in addition to excellent advancement opportunities. As far as the health benefits are concerned, they include visual, dental, and medical plans for health care. Also, there are provisions of 401 (k) plans regarding retirement and flexible-spending accounts. For employees who are eligible, there is – right of entry to a program regarding employee assistance, a provision of tuition reimbursement, and also paid time-off.

Job Interview Questions for Gelson’s Grocery Store:

Here are some probable questions which may be put forward. The candidate may also frame some probable questions as per his or her qualifications before appearing for the interview:

  • After you join a company, when do you think that the company should promote you to a higher level of responsibility?
  • Who do you consider as your role model to guide you in everyday situations?
  • What is your ultimate aim in life?
  • Do you agree to work in night shifts, on holidays, or even on Sundays, as per the requirements?
  • Can you speak or communicate in more than two languages which may help you perform your tasks in a more productive way?
  • Does your efficiency get hampered or improved when you are working as a team member?
  • How would you manage any trouble that may arise between you and the customer, or a co worker, of even worse, your boss?
  • If you clear the selection round, for how much time would work for this store as a regular employee?
  • How long will you take to make a contribution significant enough to be noted by the company?
  • Would you retire from this company if offered a lump-sum of money?
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