Gilroy Gardens Job Application

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Gilroy Gardens is a prime horticulture site in United States. It has been transformed into an amusement park by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The site assembles more than 40 rides, gardens and educational exhibitions. The park has been educating visitors about environment conservation along with offering them a pleasant and enjoyable time.

There  is a range of career opportunities at this garden. The candidates can find a job in horticulture research, maintenance, gardening, sales, marketing and program management. All those candidates, who wish to be a part of Gilroy Gardens, can apply online. The is the corporate website of this theme park. The interested applicants will have to submit their resume for applying to full-time positions. There are numerous seasonal jobs. The eligibility requirements for the seasonal jobs are also listed on the same link. Do not miss this chance. You may develop a keen interest in horticulture while working in this theme park and will find yourself wondering how amazing is the nature and its creations.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Gilroy Gardens:- Monday-Friday: 11:00AM-5:00PM; Saturday-Sunday: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Gilroy Gardens:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Gilroy Gardens:– Games associate, Customer service representative, Entertainment character, Merchandise warehouse associate, Call centre operator, Information systems technician, Ride maintenance mechanic, Commissary associate, Ticket sales agent, Security officer, Accounting clerk, General manager, Group sales associate, Merchandise associate, Cash controller, Janitorial associate, Food service assistant, Admissions associate, Landscaper, Foods warehouse associate, Marketing representative, Ride operator, Manager

History:- Gilroy Garden was founded by Claudia Bonfante and Michael Bonfante. It took 25 years to establish it as an amusement park. It was named Gilroy Gardens in year 2007. There are 19 rides, six gardens and more than 25 attractions inside the park.

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Main Attractions:- The main attractions inside this amusement park are Banana split, Timber twister, Rainbow gardens boat, Mushroom swing, Paddle boats, Quicksilver express, Sky trail mono rail, Coyote and redwood rail road, and Garlic twirl.

Presence:- This amusement park is situated in the City of Gilroy, California. The park remains open during the period between April and November every year.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The candidates having interest and education in horticulture have career opportunities of the same field in the park. They can be employed in research, maintenance of the park or ride assistance. The park also requires hiring candidates in technical departments to maintain electrical and hydraulic infrastructure of the park. For these job positions, the candidates should have done graduation in the concerned field. The professional job positions are also available in sales and marketing, management and administration. You must be a management graduate to apply these jobs.

There are entry-level jobs in gardening, maintenance operations and customer service. These jobs can be approached if one is over 18 years and have done a high school diploma. The recruitments for numerous seasonal job positions like accounting clerk, group sales associate, commissary associate, game associate, merchandise associate, ride operator, landscaper, ride maintenance technician, security officer, merchandise warehouse associate, information systems, food service associate, cash controller, admissions associate, entertainment character, food warehouse associate, and marketing representative are done in first few months of every year.

Advantages of Working @ Gilroy Gardens:

It is really pleasant to work around nature. The workers enjoy working in the park and have an exciting career opportunity in the field of horticulture further. They could join at an entry-level position and move to research jobs. The part-timers or workers engaged in entry-level jobs earn fairly high wages or salaries. The staff members are also rewarded by the company from time to time. All other typical employment benefits like pension, insurance and healthcare are provided to full time workers. The employees at Gilroy gardens are proud to be a part of such a large enterprise as Cedar Fair Company.
Gilroy Gardens Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Gilroy Gardens:

  • Into which field did you receive education?
  • How much do you know about horticulture?
  • Do you like gardening?
  • Will you work in a 24×7 schedule?
  • How do you feel being a part of Cedar Fair?
  • Can you educate people and take them on a ride to the park?
  • How is this job important for your career?