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Golden Corral is a family based restaurant of the United States offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, the food court also facilitates with grill and buffets involving numerous cold and hot products. This is a private limited company which is headquartered in Raleigh, North California. Restaurant is situated in 40 states.

Golden Corral takes customer satisfaction as their top priority.  This can be noted by closely observing every action done. Every time guests visit the store, they are pleased by high class dining cuisine. The restaurant is also committed towards running large number of social events. This includes orphanage, societies, universities and rehabilitation institutes.

Golden Corral has donated approximately $1,035,000 for Disabled American Veterans association, with an aim to help the veterans. This family food store entertains its customers by offering hot buffet items, such as pizza, pasta, fresh vegetables, salads and selected carved meat dishes in dinner especially on Sundays. On most centres, guests are provided 10%-15% discounts on dinner or entrée purchases.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Golden Corral: You can visit the restaurant from Sunday-Monday between 07:00m-10:00pm.

Age Eligibility @Golden Corral: 16 years is the minimum age requirement.

Career Opportunities @ Golden Corral: Prep Person, Server, Grill Cook, Line Person, Baker, Utility Person, Hot Cook, Display Cook and Meat Cutter

History: Golden Corral was founded in Fayetteville, North California on 3rd January, 1973. From the starting date, the organization has extended its business and covered 480 locations of the USA. Out of these, 103 are owned and operated by the company itself and the rest are franchised in the markets. The brand makes a total sale of more than $1.53 billion every year.

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Presence: By the year ended 1987, there were around 500 branches opened within the nation. In between the years 2004 to 2006, company was the sponsor of Golden Corral 500, NASCAR Sprint Cup spring race held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Year 2009 will be remembered when the restaurant sponsored Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain on Speed Channel.

The store’s first branch was opened in April, 2009 in Springfield, Massachusetts, New England. The food court currently functions in New Jersey, Alaska, Alabama, Idaho, Florida, Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, Iowa, Montana, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska and New York, etc. In year 2000, company’s most recent outlet, named “Strata” came into existence, with a view to greet customers with more variety of menu items.

Additional Services: At Golden Corral, menu items are baked keeping in mind the taste and flavour of each guest. All these consumable stuff are prepared in best quality wholesome ingredients. You will find only fresh and mouth-watering ordered dishes.

Famous and fabulous products customers can enjoy includes: Assorted Steamed Vegetables, Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Potatoes, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Frosting, Broccoli, Sugar Free Red Gelatin, Fresh fruits, Fried Chicken, Seafood Salad, Macaroni Salad, Pizza, Yeast Rolls and Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Financial Stature: With continuous business expansion after several years, Golden Corral has not been able to maintain its financial position at the same level in the market. The brand has recorded shrink in its net income from $9.5M to $2.1M.

Golden Corral can slightly relax after seeing a short rise in product sale from 91.21% to 91.90%. To overcome with this worst situation, the restaurant has planned to open 29 more chain outlets at new sites.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

Golden Corral always hires workers to serve the guests holding exciting positions with the industry. Besides eye catching pay structure, plenty of exhilarating advantages are waiting for its employees. Professionals here are appointed on full time or part time positions depending upon the restaurant requirements.

Entry level positions are the mostly required ones. Level of experience at all designations is different. Golden Corral offers golden opportunity to start your career in food industry.

Line Person- The prime objective of Line Person’s is to serve the guests. As the first team member to approach, you are fairly responsible for making positive and negative image of the brand. Line Persons should always be pleasant, attractive and helpful in terms of personality. Equal importance to all customers must be given by these people.

Before interview, little foodservice experience adds bonus points. In the starting days of job, you will not be offered big salary options. Your income might range in between $8 to $10 per hour.

Associate Managers- This role is accountable for production of food as well as operating back house along with restaurant procedures, recipes and products to certify food quality. This designation needs to complete 50-55 hours of shift during the week. Long hours of standing and walking are a mandatory requirement by all associate managers.

Golden Corral requires stable, enthusiastic, strong, dedicated and energetic working individuals. A relevant work experience of 2-3 years is essential for working on this high profile designation. Another mandatory requisite includes effective communication skills and hands on knowledge about computer systems.

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Server- Servers employed at Golden Corral cares for the customers and corporate clients. Servers are the first contact person at food store. Their key responsibilities includes: Providing plates, taking orders, carrying out patron requests, collecting plates, perform Busser duties and clearing dining space, etc.

Their duty makes them to walk around the whole restaurant throughout the shift timings. For this, servers need to be physically strong. On an average, you will be earning salary between $4 to $7 for every hour you spent during shift.

Advantages of working @ Golden Corral:

All employees at Golden Corral are taken great care. These Workers are the base of any organization’s development. Therefore, in order to attain business satisfaction and achieve profitable results, company must retain the qualified professionals. Here’s a list of employees benefit plans which include.

401 (K) retirement plan, striking gratuities and perks, flexible job timings, paid time off, performance based promotions, reasonable pay scale, Employee Stock Purchase plan, medical and health insurance, vision care, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts, disability coverage, accidental insurance educational program and holiday pay.

Moreover, you will be given restaurant’s uniform and your name cards. Apply through online application to explore more about Golden Corral.

Job Interview Questions for Golden Corral:

  • Do you possess any previous work experience in the same industry?
  • Will you be able to work for extra hours even after the shifts end?
  • What will you do, if you notice any illegal thing happens?
  • How long are you planning to work here?
  • What is the customer service according to you?
  • How will you maintain the quality of menu items?

Golden Corral Job Application