Gordon Trucking Job Application

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Apart from being the sixty fourth largest on-hire carrier, the Gordon Trucking Inc. holds the twenty second position in terms of the largest carrier of truckloads, as far as North America is concerned. In the transportation market, this trucking service offers trans-continental, regional, as well as local truckload services, which follow the perimeters laid down by the laws of the government. Novel solutions regarding transportation for customers have been provided by the Gordon Trucking Service, right from its beginning. The trucking company has constantly focused on trading with the companies, which are successful. There is also the priority of building evocative relationships.

Organization Details

Working Hours – This transport company works 24×7.

Age Eligibility – The candidate applying for any position must be at least 18 years old.

Career Opportunities   

Some job opportunities offered by Gordon Trucking Service are listed here:

·         Terminal Maintenance Manager
·         Package Handler
·         On-Site Driver Manager
·         ORT Specialist
·         Maintenance Team Leader
·         Maintenance Technician
·         Driver Manager
·         Trailer Mechanic
·         Truck Mechanic
·         Truck Driver
·         Collections Specialist
·         Dispatcher
·         Financial Analyst
·         Fleets Supervisor
·         Logistics Analyst
·         Security Analyst
·         Personnel Supervisor
·         Dock Worker
·         Equipment Driver
·         Material Handler
·         Sales Support Specialist
·         Receptionist
·         Customer Service Representative


This trucking company was founded by Jay Gordon in the year 1946, as a company for beer delivery. At that time, the company was named as Gordon Fast Freight and hauling of beer from Vancouver to Tacoma started out in full bloom. The starting customer for this transport company was the Lucky Lager Brewery. Later, in the year 1984, the company was sold to Larry and Virginia respectively. At present, Larry and Virginia Gordon, along with their sons, Scott and Steve Gordon own this company.

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Close to about 1,700 tractors are owned by the company, and quite a number of types of cargos are delivered all around North America. This company has also won numerous awards from the time of its inception. Some of the honors are the Truckload Carrier Association’s National Fleet Safety Award and Lowe’s Platinum Carrier honor. About 2,000 workers find employment in this company.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Maintenance Team Leader – The MTL or the Maintenance Team Leader acts as the bridge between the technicians and drivers, and the organization as a whole. The achievement of equipment norms, maintenance of praise worthy safety records, along with retaining the successful technicians so as to render excellent services to the customers. The needs of drivers and technicians are reconciled by this entity through the use of leadership style, which is both interactive and open. A primary responsibility of the Maintenance Team Leader, is coaching at least ten technicians, while achieving customer service goals.

Mobile Truck and Trailer Mechanic – All Mobile Truck and Trailer Mechanics hold the responsibility for service, maintenance, and inspection of all the GTI equipments plying on the road and also those placed in offsite areas. This worker must maintain the ability of diagnosing, troubleshooting, and performing the necessary maintenance on the trailers and other fleet vehicles.

Service Writer – The Service Writer works in the maintenance department and communicates directly with the shop management. The familiarization of work completed by the tractor mechanic and a trailer service, work planning and its organization when in the shop and with the mechanics, is the other vital duties of the service writer. This individual works in direct contact with scheduler, who is present in GTI shops, OTR, and VFI, and keeps a check over the correctness of data entry as far as the repair orders are concerned. There are some other duties for the Service Writer, which include provision of vital information in case of exceptions, and keeping in touch with the  drivers on the move. The service writer even keeps information related to the grade of maintenance.      

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Driver Manager – The Driver Manager has to perform tasks, which coordinate the duties of the drivers and also ensure smooth running of the business. This is by timely picking-up and delivery of goods from and to the various places and an efficient communication link between the drivers and the Driver Manager. This individual not only reviews the work assignments for checking that they fall under safe and legal hours, but also ensures that they are dispatched accordingly. This entity also promptly responds to phone calls, voice mail, and Qualcomm to help in timely delivery. This worker also helps in resolving the general needs of drivers and works as an essential communication link between customers or internal departments and the drivers. Load activity is also monitored by him. The productivity, safety, and efficiency of the drivers can be enhanced by the Driver Manager.

Advantages of working @ Gordon Trucking Application

Competitive pay rates, added to further advancement opportunities, and fair scheduling are some of the advantages experienced by employees of the Gordon Trucking Services. Regular job increments, tuition reimbursements, paid time off, and a 401(k) retirement plan also come as additional benefits for qualified workers. Allowances like medical, visual, and dental coverage also come as some of the insurance options provided by the Gordon Trucking.

Gordon Trucking Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ Gordon Trucking Application

  • As far as the trucking business is concerned, for how long have you been serving as a driver?
  • Share with us the best experience you have gained as a truck driver.
  • Through the gone five years, have you experienced any moving violation?
  • What is the maximum time you can sustain while driving?
  • What motivates you for achieving the principle aim in your life?
  • How will you manage your personal life and the time spent by you while you drive?
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