Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Sample

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Whenever you are applying for a job, your resume must also have a cover letter. It should be précised, linked with the skills and the experience gained till date, with regards to the position that you want to apply for. It is the cover letter that makes the initial and sometimes a lasting impression on the recruiter.

Make a cover letter that is noticeable and also explains the skills that you possess, and their relation to the conditions linked to the post offered.  

Janice Wilson
21 Flash Avenue
Settleby VIC 9713
Mobile: 60324 335 835
12 April 2013

Morgan Stevens
Graduate Recruitment Chief
St. Stephen’s Hospital
321 Illustration Street
California 50201

Subject: Application for the post of Graduate Nurse

Dear Mr Stevens,

I have the privilege to respond to your advertisement, which was posted on Kristen Walker Hospital employment prospects website. This was in relation to the need of new nursing graduates in your company. It might be observed that in February, next year, I will complete my graduation in Nursing, from St. Davis Lombard School.

Since clinical rotations have been frequent for me, now I have valuable experience. This has helped me in generating skills while combating the critical circumstances. I am planning to satisfy the transitional rotations at James Steward Hospital by summer, and I am quite confident about it. The experiences that I hold relating to nursing, enables me to prepare and further develop the skills to perform my duties, with honesty and pride.  I have developed the leadership skills, as well.

I am keen to start a career in nursing at St. Stephen’s Hospital. I believe that the experience and skills acquired by me, have prepared me to the fullest.  For discussing further career opportunities, I will keep in contact in the coming February. I am keen to meet you at the earliest, and you can also call me at 140-666-4321.

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 I would thank you for your consideration towards me, and I will wait for an early interview call from your side.

Janice Wilson