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For customers, who seek to bargain, this grocery store is a tradition. This is because it is a store offering deep discounts even as it is being run by the third generation of the family. The headquarters of the store is placed in Berkeley, in California. All types of the gentry and neighborhoods are provided services by the store on account of it’s presence in both small and large cities. The principle followed by the company is straight and precise: They offer products carrying brand names and that too at half the price as compared to conventional retail rates. Truly speaking, this is a family business.

Organization Details

Working Hours

This grocery is open every day from 8:00am to 9:00pm.

Age Eligibility

The applicant must be at least sixteen years of age while applying for any position in this store.

Career Opportunities

Director, Sales and Merchandising, Assistant Manager, Executive Assistant, Director of Wine and Beer, Cashier, Department Clerk, Bagger, Store Manager etc.


Jim Read, in 1946, purchased surplus government products of food and stored them in vacant stockrooms. In this way, Cannery Sales started in San Francisco. The store’s name was changed to ‘US Markets’ after conversion of the stores by partners Read and Nate Narin, in the year 1948. After ten years, Read sold US Markets to Narin. In 1971, there was a significant turning point as far as the company is concerned. There was a signing up of a supplier agreement, and the second signing party was Del Monte. The first store, which worked independently, was opened in the name Canned Foods, in Redmond, Oregon, in 1971. As time passed, there were a number of instances, happenings, and milestones achieved. In the year 2002, the company changed the corporate name to “Grocery Outlet Inc.”

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Presence – Currently, more than 185 stores operated independently are encompassed by this store. These stores are located in places like Washington, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Idaho.

Additional Services – There is a wide range of items offered by the company. These include produce, groceries, fresh meat, frozen, deli and refrigerated, general merchandise, house wares, seasonal products, gifts, toys, products related to beauty and health in addition, to a very impressive inventory, which involves wine and beer. Private labels, groceries of closeouts name brand, and overstocks are often carried by this store. In some cases, packaged products like bologna, sausage, and bacon are the materials provided as a limitation to the meat selection.

Community Initiatives – Marc Drasin is the vice-president of real estate, Grocery Outlet. He stated that the grocery company has been meeting residents and performing community outreach. “Over the years, we got many emails and calls from people in the area who’ve wanted to see a store there,” he stated. Apart from mentioning ties with the communities, Drasin added, “We feel, we’re very community minded. We support the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Little League, and the Rotaries.” He also mentioned that the company has conducted outreach towards the community and has also met the residents.

Environmental Initiatives – Helping in ways which go into protecting the environment comes as the first priority of this grocery store. Better sustainability, energy conservation, varied recycling programs, logistics and transportation programs, as also the extensive efforts that surely help whenever preserving the precious environment is concerned also come as the duty of this grocery.

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Financial Stature Grocery Outlet – Giving a self description as “extreme-value” retailer, Grocery Outlet specialized in products with reduced prices, but with brand names. Many local operators independently own most of the company’s stores. The sales for the fiscal year ending December, 2012 were estimated to be around $1.1 billion.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Director, Sales and Merchandising – This position holds the responsibility for helping as well as coaching the operators to achieve profitable goals as far as merchandising, marketing, inventory, and sales are concerned. New merchandising and sales strategies developed by this individual. As far as open dialogue is concerned, there is  active participation shown by the operator for developing an overall achievement and profitability for the store. This individual gets an annual salary between $70,000 and $80,000.

Assistant Manager– The managerial duties in the front end are supervised by the assistant manager. These include appropriate cash control, levels of cashier production, and customer service. Scheduling of store employees such that financial plans are met with, and developing daily alterations is additional responsibilities of the assistant manager. Attending complaints from customers and ensuring their satisfaction. An average annual pay between $38,000 and $55,000 is received by the assistant manager.

Executive Assistant -Some presentation material would be prepared by the executive assistant to help during the purchasing. Evaluation and summarizing the diverse documents and reports also fall as the duties of this individual. Apart from this, prioritizing and supervising of diverse projects is also executed by the executive assistant. The mean annual salary obtained by this individual ranges from $45,000 to $65,000.

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Advantages of working@Grocery Outlet

This grocery store offers its employees something even more than monetary benefits. Job benefits such as plans regarding comprehensive wellness and health, store discounts, insurance coverage, 401 (k) plans for retirement, and paid vacations are offered by the company. Workers for part time jobs may get discounts, and paid vacations, associates working full time earn saving plans and insurance benefits.
Grocery Outlet Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Grocery Outlet

It is during the final interview round that the real mettle of the candidate is judged. It also depends on the aspirant’s caliber, qualifications, and the experience gained that puts him or her at a commanding position in terms of eligibility. Here are some general questions for the interview stage:

  • What was the most funniest and inspiring incident, while you worked for the previous company?
  • How will you deal with those customers who are impatient or irate towards the staff of the store?
  • Before deciding how to tackle any problem, how do you go about studying it?
  • What is your opinion for career growth and advancement as far as working with this company is concerned?
  • Do you have any qualifications with respect to advanced computer programs?
  • After you join, what do you think should be your duties in this job profile?
  • Which kind of people you feel uncomfortable working or interacting with, in your everyday life?
  • What made you aspire for seeking a job in a grocery store?
  • How will you attain your monthly targets if the company hires you?