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The HEB Grocery Company is based in San Antonio, Texas and has about 315 stores all through Texas and Mexico. This supermarket chain even operates the Central Market which is upscale fine and organic foods retailer. The Forbes’ in 2012 placed H-E-B at number twelve on its list of “America’s Largest Private Companies”.

Earlier in 2010, the company was named as the ‘Retailer of the Year’, by Progressive Grocer. On the other hand, the Supermarket News placed H-E-B at number thirteen (2008) among the “Top 75 North American Food Retailers.”

Organization Details

Working Hours @ HEB Grocery Company  

The H E B store time 6:00 am to 12:00 am.

Age Eligibility @ HEB Grocery Company

An applicant applying for any post must be at least sixteen years of age.

Career Opportunities @ HEB Grocery Company  

The following are the job positions available with the company:

Customer Service Representative, Checker, Customer Service Specialist, Cashier, Hourly Manager in Charge, Cake Decorator, Associate Quality Assurance Product Manager, Loss Prevention Specialist, Baker, Cooking Coach, Data Analyst – Customer Insights, Food Service Representative, Customer Champion, Distribution Partner, Department Manager, Store Manager, HR Manager, Central Checkout Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Meat Cutter, Assistant Manager, Benefits Programs Advisor, General Manager etc.


This company was founded in the year 1905 on November, the 26th. It was Florence Butt who opened a grocery store named ‘C.C. Butt Grocery Store’ in the ground floor of the family home in Texas. In the year 1919, Howard E. Butt, her youngest son after returning from World War I took charge of the store. Later, four expansions were tried by Howard in Central Texas, but all the attempts failed. At last, in the year 1927, a second store was successfully tried in Del Rio, in Texas which came out to be a success. Following these, three stores of grocery were purchased in Lowe Rio Grande Valley. The store got its name from the initials of the founder Howard Edward Butt.

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There are about three hundred locations of the store all over Northern Mexico and Texas.

Community Initiatives

It has been quite some time since the store’s involvement and commitment towards the community has been the integral part of trading or performing the business transactions. Initiatives like H-E-B Food Bank Assistance Program, which is a Feast of Sharing holiday dinners conducted annually. There is also this Spirit of H-E-B trailer, which provides an on-site relief wherever natural disasters have caused destruction. To top it all, the company also contributes 5% of earnings from pre-tax to the public and other charitable programs from as early as 1930s.

Environmental Initiatives

There is a common, healthy belief among the workers in the company that caring for the environment, apart from making them better neighbors, also helps them to serve the customers in a much better way. As well to the above, the company conserves natural resources and is energy efficient too. By doing this, the company is both – providing help to the planet and assist to create savings which are passed on to the public by means  of reduced prices.

Financial Stature

The H E B was placed as the 25th largest store of retail in US. Donation of five per cent pre-tax profit is done for charity.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Customer Service Representative:-The Customer Service Representative is responsible for assisting customers, cleaning and sanitizing sales floor, assisting in inventory, and merchandising products. The starting salary of customer service representative is about $8.50 per hour. The average pay is close to $11.50 an hour.

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Cashier:-Scanning of items, applying coupons, in addition to handling the cash form the prime duties of a cashier. The Cashier gets a salary between $8.00 and $12.00 per hour.

Night Stocker:-The Night Stocker stocks shelves, maintains a well organized and clean environment in the store. Unloading of deliveries is also one of the duties of a night stocker. The H-E-B offers a minimum salary of $10.00 per hour while on an average; the night stocker gets around $13.50 an hour.

Advantages of working @ HEB Grocery Company

At HEB stores, in addition to the base pay, workers who are qualified get comprehensive benefit packages. Also, employees who are eligible can take advantage of other employment perks like 401 (k) plans for retirement, coverage for healthcare, and the paid time-offs. The benefits provided to the employees depend on store location and job title.
H.E.B Job Application

Job Interview Questions for H E B Grocery Company

Before being hired, even after clearing any on-line examination, the candidate has to face the personal interview and emerge as the suitable worker for the company. Work history, professionalism and the positive aspiration to work as a part of the company are the many needed assets to be possessed by the candidate. Here are some possible questions which may be asked during the interview session:

  • How do you prepare and plan to deal with situations which create high pressure or tension?
  • What attracts you to work with this company?
  • What makes you imagine that you are qualified enough to work in this company?
  • Who is your role model who inspires you to take the challenges provided by life every day?
  • Counting five years from the present day, where can you expect yourself to be if hired by this company?
  • After you join this company, when do you expect that the organization will be satisfied enough to offer you a promotion?
  • Till date, can you recall the most challenging or tough phase in your life and the way you overcame it and solved it to your satisfaction?
  • While dealing with people, what irritates you the most about the attitude and how do you overcome or better enough, solve it to the core?
  • What disappoints you the most when you are given any job?
  • Which is the funniest event or happening that you came across till date or while with company you worked previously for?
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