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As a fashion retailer, the H&M fashion store works as a recognizable brand name, not only in the United States, but in the whole world. In forty five countries, there are 2,700 storefronts. Working among the largest retail chains internationally, there are close to 60,000 employees in both corporate as well as entry level capacities. This is the second largest retailer of clothing on the globe. Inditex which is based in Spain is leading and is the parent company of ZARA while the third position is occupied by GAP. The production steps are controlled by the company’s Sweden based office. The production of clothes is outsourced to about eight hundred factories based in Asia and Europe.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 9:00pm; Sunday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility – The aspirant must be 18 years old.

Career Opportunities

Pricing Analyst, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Visual Key Holder, Business Controller, Designer, Buyer, Distribution Manager, Distribution Associate, Visual Merchandiser, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Department Manager, Sales Advisor.


In the year 1947, the company came into existence. Erling Persson of Sweden was the founder, and only women’s clothing was sold by the store. The principles and the inventory of Mauritz Widforss, which was store selling hunting equipment in Stockholm were obtained by Persson. A supply of clothing for men was comprised in the catalog, which prompted the founder to expand into menswear. The store was thus renamed as Hennes & Mauritz, and further abbreviated as H&M.


Europe, India, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Turkey, and Pakistan are the best manufacturers of clothing for the company. All over the world, there are many countries which operate stores of H&M. Singapore, Australia, Croatia, Canada, and Kuwait, are some of them. The first store in Norway was opened in 1964, and in United Kingdom it was opened in 1976. Close to 200 stores are operative in the United States.

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Community Initiatives

The store chain plays a vital role as far as regular charity donation and serving non- profit organizations and the community are concerned. April 2011 witnessed the company sponsoring an event of charity which benefitted research for AIDS. One-fourth of proceeds acquired by the event benefitted patients of AIDS. The event was named as ‘Fashion Against AIDS’ and it helped   in getting some amount of money, in addition to spreading awareness, all over the world.

Environmental Initiatives

Sustainability of the environment surely plays an extremely vital role as far as business practices of the company are concerned. Hygienic water regulation is looked after by the company, and there is also an observation of stringent laws of child labor. The reduction of emission of carbon monoxide is also looked after by the store. Renewable resources are used by the store which also follows firm programs of recycling.

Financial Stature

H & M is a publicly traded company listed in OMX AB as HM B. It employs more than 85,000 workers all over the world. The company is running approximately 2,200 stores in 40 countries. The annual revenue yielded is reported to be about $20 billion. The company maintains the corporate office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Advisor – The position is of entry level type and is responsible for greeting the visiting customers, stocking the shelves, and performing other tasks that are assigned to him. The ideal sales candidate radiates an attentive and friendly personality. The sales advisor typically earns close to $9 an hour.

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Visual Merchandiser – The visual merchandiser has to arrange outfits and organize the displays in the store. This is done for attracting the customers. Organizational skills must be possessed by this employee. Apart from this, the worker must also be good at skills of creative background and customer service. Generally, the annual salary earned by this employee ranges from $20,000 to $25,000.

Management – Many managerial roles are also offered by the company. These include department managers who keep a check on operations in the allocated department. Operations at the store are overseen by the store manager. Qualities of strong leadership as well as checking the details must be possessed. Annually, the department managers usually earn $35,000. The store managers, on the other hand, get a salary of more than $60,000.

Advantages of working@H&M Fashion Store

A wide range of job benefits is enjoyed by employees that are newly hired. Outstanding employment perks are offered by the company to all it’s workers. An exceptional base pay, other employee benefits, and generous pay options are offered by the store. Qualified associates get outstanding benefits for future planning. Apart from this, the 401 (k) plans for retirement, accounts of flexible spending choices are also offered. In addition to these, bonus incentives, wellness and health programs, paid time off, bereavement time, travel assistance, pet insurance, as also vacation packages are offered by this company.

H & M Job Application

Job Interview Questions for H&M Fashion Store

  • With which work style, are you comfortable?
  • How would you convince a customer to visit the store again and again?
  • How would you deal with customers who regularly bargain?
  • Do you have any knowledge of processing of credit cards? When you accept credit cards, what precautions would you take?
  • How would you communicate fitting related request of a customer to a tailor?
  • How do you organize merchandise in the store-by price or by style?
  • How would you judge whether a fashion style suits a customer or not?
  • Do you think that the sales of a fashion store can be significantly boosted by offering discounts? Is optimizing profit margins not a bad practice?
  • How would you pace up sales of old or outdated merchandise?
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