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The Half Price Books owns the title of being the largest chain comprising of old and new bookstores and is a family owned business. The original motto of this US-based company is – “We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday’s newspaper”. Many used books, movies, and music are purchased from localities and offer for sale. The business office is situated in Dallas, Texas.

Organization Details

Working Hours  

Monday to Saturday, the store is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm; while on Sundays, the timing changes, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Age Eligibility  

The candidate must be eighteen years of age while applying for any post in this book store.

Career Opportunities  

Book Seller, Financial Analyst, Cashier, Business Analyst, Shift Leader, Assistant Store Manager, Regional Manager, General Manager, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Production Designer, Book Store Clerk, Sales Associate.


The first store of this group was opened by two founders namely Pat Anderson and Ken Gjemre, in Dallas, Texas, in the year 1972. They originally filled the shelves with about two thousand books from their personal collection. The founders were of the belief of presenting exceptional products, and that too at a great price, sale of gently used or new books, movies, music, games and collectible software and that too at about half the rate originally printed, or even less.


Wisconsin, Washington, in various areas of Texas and Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, California, Arizona, Nebraska.

Community Initiatives

The bookstore takes up the commitment of showing kindness as far as the environment is concerned. It takes part in promoting literacy within the community. The dwelling place of books, according to the company, should be in our lives and not on our land. The store aims at actively participating in initiatives like b(eco)me bag-less, projects like the ‘Green Team’, and Educator Discounts.

Half Price Books Application

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Environmental Initiatives

Reusing and recycling of water, paper, and energy has been the primary aim of the company. In the light of helping spread knowledge regarding health and stability, the company launched educational initiative-‘B(eco)me Green’ with an aim to spread awareness about environmental well being and health.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Bookseller :-
A person at this position has to perform his or her duties and deal with a broad range of customers. While assisting them to locate whatever they desire to achieve, the bookseller also offers suggestions on the products that are available. Awareness about the stocks present at the store and their availability at any time can be ascertained by this worker. Identifying the needs of customers and assisting them in finding the book(s) or any other material required are some duties of an ideal book seller. These individuals should be acquainted with their stocks and have the ability to promote them. They make use of electronic methods in locating and ordering books. The hourly salary of the bookseller is $7 to $14.

Shift Leader :-
The everyday operations of the company are kept flowing smoothly by the shift leader. Reporting to the department manager, this individual works in just the same way as a manager. He or she has to make sure of the presence of the employees and the smooth completion of the work in time. Apart from providing assistance and support, the shift leader also shows the direction to his sub-ordinates. When on duty, this individual simply concentrates in supervising employees. This job has a salary of $8 to $10 per hour.

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Assistant Store Manager :-
Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring that customer service of exceptional grade is provided by the store personnel. This is inclusive of answering queries along with helping in choosing the products, purchases, followed by returns. This individual has to keep the store clean, properly merchandised, and well organized. Ensuring that the procedures, controls, and the store policies is neatly followed come under the responsibilities of the assistant store manager. Organizing, planning, and delegating work between the staff are the everyday jobs of the assistant store manager. An average hourly salary of $12 to $15 is earned by this position.

Cashier :-
The cashier is responsible for entering purchases into records so as to evaluate the total price of the purchase. Accepting cash, bankcards, or checks, as ways of payment and issuing receipts for the same come as immediate responsibilities of the cashier. The cashier earns an average salary of $7 to $12 per hour.

Advantages of working  

The benefits of working with this company are as follows:

  • 401 (k) plans for retirement
  • Competitive salary
  • Program for employee assistance
  • Paid vacations and sick leaves
  • Life insurance
  • Visual and dental insurance for qualified employees
  • Discounts related to merchandise
  • Bonuses offering quarterly profits
  • Competitive pay

Job Interview Questions 

  • What makes you feel that you are qualified for a job like this?
  • What made you opt for leaving the job previously assigned?
  • After five years, where would you gauge yourself?
  • When were you satisfied from any job you did?
  • When do you think the organization will promote you?
  •  What has been your greatest achievement in life?
  • What is your ultimate aim of achieving in life?
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