Halloween Express Job Application

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Halloween Express operates a niche business of selling Halloween costumes and accessories. The company runs many seasonal as well as permanent stores at various locations in United States. If you are searching for a job in retail or love the yearly festival, you should apply to these stores, thus securing the funny and scary seasonal job.

The company is inviting applications year round. Contact at the website – halloweenexpress.com and locate a store in your area. Follow the link – http://www.halloweenexpress.com/retail-store-locator.php to find a nearby store. Then, send an email to the store requesting for employment. The locations of seasonal stores may have changed as it happens every year; hence, you must check out. The similar job positions are also available at permanent stores of the company. Thus, if you are searching an opportunity to build a long-term career in retail, you must apply there.   

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Halloween Express: – These stores run in Halloween season. The hours of operation may vary at different locations.

Age Eligibility @ Halloween Express: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Halloween Express: – Sales associate, Stock associate, Accountant, Store manager, Cashier, Assistant manager

History: РThe Company was founded in 1990. It operates seasonal stores along with permanent stores selling Halloween costumes, d̩cor items, accessories and other related items. The chain is operational in many locations throughout United States. It offers the largest selection of such costumes and wearable.

Additional Services: – These stores have Halloween related accessories, costumes and decoration items in their stock. The stores are opened in the months on September and October.

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Presence: – There are more than 300 stores operational under this chain. These stores are located in 30 states of USA. The locations of seasonal stores are changed every year.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Any candidate 16 years of age or above and having good communication and interpersonal skills can work at these stores as sales associate. The entry-level workers interact with customers and help them in purchasing right items. They are paid hourly wages for the job. The pay varies from location to location. Other than sales associate, one can also join as stock associate or cashier. Cashiers keep a check on accounts, prints receipts, do billing and assist store managers in analyzing sales trends. Stock associates are responsible for inventory related operations and management.

The positions like store manager, assistant store manager or shift leader are filled with candidates having prior job experience in retail. They hire entry-level workers, set their schedules, manage inventory operations, oversee staff, analyze and promote sales. At seasonal stores, these professionals are hired on hourly wages, while at permanent stores they are appointment on salary packages.

Advantages of Working @ Halloween Express:

The work benefits at these stores are never limited even if you are working at a seasonal store. The festive season will let you earn a good income and give you more reasons to celebrate the Halloween. If you are looking for a long-term job in retail, then you must approach permanent stores of the company. Apart from a good salary, you will be bestowed many benefits like 401(k) retirement plan, long-term and short-term disability protection, insurance schemes, monthly bonuses, gifts and investment options. The full-time employees at such stores have access to paid leaves and vacations.

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Halloween Express Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Halloween Express:

  1. Please tell something about yourself?
  2. How will you sell that Halloween costume?
  3. Why is it easy to sell Halloween related items?
  4. How your friends characterize you?
  5. Will you be comfortable working in noisy environment?
  6. What time of day will you be here?
  7. Why this job?
  8. Where are you studying?