Hastings Job Application

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The workers at this book store are of the belief that teamwork, respect, trust, integrity, and the most important, honesty; help them develop both professionally and personally. For those willing to create a fascinating career as far as the business of entertainment goes, this company is the ultimate destination. To top it all, a drug-free workplace has got the necessary support from the store.

This retail store provides books, video games (with various genres), films, stock books, and music on a wholesale basis. With a total of four stores, it is an independent supply of books present in the United States of America. Earlier, seven stores under the name of Joseph-Beth and two more operating under the title of David-Kidd Booksellers were doing business.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The store is in an effective operating environment from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

Age Eligibility

The applicant must be 18 years old when applying for any job opening available in this company.

Career Opportunities

Inventory Accounting Analyst, Financial Analyst, District Loss Prevention Manager, Call Center Customer Service Associate, Book Buyer, Facilities Manager, Returns Center Associate, Warehouse Associate, Customer Service Associate, Barista, Hardback Coffee Café Team Leader, Backroom Team Leader, Video Team Leader, Lifestyles Team Leader, Front Counter Team Leader, Book Manager, Customer Service Manager, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Wireless Associate.


This bookstore was started in the year 1968 by Sam Marmaduke, under the name of Hastings Entertainment, Inc. The store is still being operated by the family of the Marmadukes’. In the beginning, the store worked as retail branch of a music and book wholesaler named Western Merchandisers Inc. Today, John Marmaduke, (the son of Sam Marmaduke) acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the store

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Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Idaho, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama.

Additional Services

eBooks, Music, MP3s, Movies, Books, Games, Electronics, Trends, Used Items, Gift Cards, Sweepstakes, Sports and Recreation etc. are additional services provided by the book store.

Financial Stature

The company trades on the NASDAQ. It uses the symbol ‘HAST’ for stock transactions.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Customer Service Manager :-
The customer service manager of the store is responsible for managing and control of associates and team leaders of the front counter. This individual is also responsible for maintaining a favorable atmosphere among the team. The team leaders at the area of front counter are trained by these managers, about executing the key responsibilities. The average hourly wage received by the customer service manager is between $9 and $13.

Assistant Manager :-
The assistant manager at this bookstore is responsible for providing assistance by supervision and implementation of corporate plans. This further helps create an environment that will have a positive influence over the company while understanding the wants of the customers. An action oriented individual who is approachable and possesses the ability to concentrate on the customer. The hourly salary of this individual is between $12 and $15 per hour.

Store Manager:-
Corporate plans are to be taken into consideration, supervised and operated by the store manager. A team environment reflecting a positive attitude has to be maintained by the store manager. The habits and the needs of the customers are to be recognized and taken into consideration by this manager to boost sales. The average annual wage of this individual is between $32,000 and $58,000.

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Wireless Associate :-
The wireless associate working with this book store is responsible for greeting the visitors in a welcoming, timely, and a proper way. This includes responding to the phone calls and directing the questioning customers to the appropriate departments. Giving advice as far as decisions involving wireless purchases are concerned is the responsibility of this associate. This individual enjoys hourly earnings of $9 to $10.

Advantages of working@Hastings

Among some advantages associated with being an employee in this book store, some are:

  •  Employees stock options
  • A desirable associate discount
  • 401 (k) pension plan
  • Health insurance for the family

Hastings Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Hastings

Each candidate aspiring for a post in this retail bookstore has to go through the interview session. The ability in aptly answering every question asked should be cultivated by the aspirant. The questions from the interviewer are intrinsically dependent on the abilities and the qualifications of the interviewee. Some questions given below would probably provide the booklover with a clear idea of the types of queries put forward in this round:

  • What are your reading habits with reference to the wide range of subjects that exist at present?
  • How do you evaluate the kind of book after going through it?
  • If given a chance to work as a team member, how would you maneuver it?
  • How would you handle the dilemma of not finding the right book for the customer?
  • Have you ever encountered problems regarding your lack of experience in this field?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • How would you tackle customers requesting for reduction of the cost of a book?
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