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Helio job application is now not available. The company was acquired by Virgin Mobile in the year 2008.  The Virgin Mobile itself operates as a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel. The career opportunities that were present with Helio are still available with the Sprint Nextel.

The company looks for young and energetic candidates, to serve in sales and customer service positions. It has been hiring candidates at various locations for these jobs. Any candidate satisfying the age requirement and having fair communication skills can get these jobs without any fuss. Most of the individuals joining in these jobs are the high school students, who work part-time to afford their living. The aspirants looking for a job with Helio should now apply at Virgin Mobile. There is a career link at virginmobileusa.com. Start your job search right from there. There may be a sales or customer service job available just now.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Helio:- Working Hours varies by the job positions and the locations

Age Eligibility @ Helio:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Helio:– Customer service representative, Bilingual store manager, Sales associate, Retail sales associate, Technical support representative, Bilingual sales associate, Administrative assistant, Cashier, Accountant

History:- Helio was founded in the year 2006. The company was engaged in sales of data plans, wireless services, internet services and communication solutions and devices. It served at various locations throughout the country for two years. In 2008, it was acquired by Virgin Mobile. It is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel.

Additional Services:- The Company was involved in the marketing and sales of wireless services, plans and solutions. It also used to sell cell phones and accessories.

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Presence:- The retail stores operated by the company are present throughout the country. These stores are still operational under the brand name – Virgin Mobile.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The Company had been providing entry-level employment opportunities in sales and customer service. These opportunities are still available, now under the brand name – Virgin Mobile. The sales or customer service positions do not require much qualification. The candidates must be 18 years old or above. They should have completed or must be pursuing a high school diploma. The high school diploma equivalents like GED holders can also apply to these jobs. Hence, not much educational requirements need to be satisfied.

The candidates should have good interpersonal skills and communication skills for both sales and the customer service jobs. They join as sales associate at retail stores or customer service representative at the customer service and call centres of the company. They can promote to higher positions like customer service manager or sales managers provided they show good performance and prove their leadership skills.

The technical support representatives are also required in large scale. They look after the technical infrastructure of the regional offices, call centres and retail stores of the company. They must have done their education in the field of network administration and computer sciences.

Advantages of Working @ Helio:

The workers in both sales and customer service get competitive pays. They are provided comprehensive training before actual engagement into the job. The employees receive pension benefits and life and healthcare insurance. The candidates, who outperform during service, are provided further training to advance their career.
Helio Job Application
Check out Virgin Mobile’s website for job opportunities.

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Job Interview Questions at Helio:

  • Why Virgin Mobile/Sprint Nextel?
  • Have you worked in some retail position before this?
  • Have you worked in a call centre before this?
  • Explain your resume?
  • Do not you get stressed in a customer service job?
  • How long have you planned to work in here?
  • When is your education going to complete?