Hibbett Sports Job Application

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The Hibbett Sports is dedicated to countering extensive needs of sporting goods. It provides a range of products meant for activities like walking, running, training, football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. The brand also offers name brand footwear and sports apparel of good quality and that too at a competitive price. A broad range of gear and team-sports equipment is also sold here. Also, this sports-goods company, which leads the industry, operates concept-stores namely Hibbett Team Sales, Sports & Co., and Sports Additions.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 8:00pm; Sunday: 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Age Eligibility – 16 Years

Career Opportunities  

Cashier, Manager in Training, Assistant Store Manager, Stock Associate, Store Manager, Sales Associate


When founded by Rufus Hibbett in 1945, the company was named as ‘Dixie Supply Co.’ and it primarily sold aviation equipments and sporting goods. In the year 1949, the company started selling apparel and athletic equipment. The name ‘Hibbett and Sons’ was given to the retailer company in 1952. The second store of this retailer of sporting goods found the existence in early years of the 1960s. By the end of 1970s, expansion brought more locations and in the 1980s and the early years of 1990s the retailer changed its ownership. There were 75 stores under operation by 1995. A public company was begun by Hibbett in the year 1996, and it was operating over 700 stores within sixteen states by 2008.


This sporting goods retailer finds its presence only in the U.S., and by July 2011, the company had more than 800 stores scattered in twenty six states. Further expansion in markets of foreign countries is planned by this retailer and expects forty new locations and hiring more than three hundred and sixty workers.

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Additional Services

This company operates out of locations of shopping centers and shopping malls and sells equipments and goods, and that too at an affordable price. The store carries a broad selection of athletic gear, and the different locations have just about everything ranging from soccer nets and baseball gloves to basketballs and football pads. There is  availability of an online store to take advantage of shopping from home itself.

Community Initiatives

The sports goods retailer is a committed participant in the activities for community service. A regular involvement with United Ways, as well as so many non-profit organizations is shown. Both money and time are donated towards causes that show social relevance. Many scholarships and programs of youth athletics are sponsored by the company.

Environmental Initiatives

Business practices that are environment friendly are implemented by this company. The stores strictly obey the EPA norms, and there are many stores following the wastage and recycling programs. This limits consumption of energy and minimizes the impact on the environment.

Financial Stature

The stock ticker ‘HIBB’ is used for trading on the NASDAQ. There are thousands of workers at entry level workers and full time professionals. At a parallel track runs the chain of retail stores which operates the Team Sales. Both these positions make approximately $340 million in the form of annual revenue. The corporate headquarters is situated in Birmingham, Alabama.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier – This being a job title of entry level, the cashier welcomes the customers at the store, rings up the purchases, answers services, policy and merchandise related questions, and handle’s returns. A principal candidate is attentive, courteous, and friendly in nature. Cashiers get a starting pay at minimum wages.

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Sales Associate – Courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable individuals are needed by the store for occupying the position of sales associates. These individuals assist customers during the sales procedure, organize displays, and also answer the merchandise related questions. The sales associate typically earns a salary at minimum wage.

Stock Associate – This is another job title at entry level and is responsible for stocking shelves and receiving shipments. Applicants are required to perform physical labor; thus the worker is expected to maintain good health. Stock Associates get minimum wages as starting pay.

Advantages of working@Hibbett Sports

There are many advantages of being an employee at this company. Apart from the 401(k) pension plans, health benefits in the form of visual, dental, health, and life insurance is provided by the company.
Hibbett Sports Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Hibbett Sports

  • What have you enjoyed the most while working in a company like this?
  • While working in the previous company, what was your work profile?
  • How can you successfully sell newly arrived products with fresh brand names?
  • How did you prepare for facing this interview?
  • Where have you tried to get through before applying here?