Holland America Line Job Application

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The Holland America Line being a cruise vessel of America is one among the most growing, rewarding, and the finest Cruise Lines, as far as the travel industry is concerned. The company is an industry leader and is situated in Seattle, in Washington. Apart from being the most growing and profitable premium Cruise Lines, as far as the travel industry is concerned, it is the leader with about 130 years experience in performing the superlative. About ten million passengers get a once in a lifetime experience by travelling on this ship, which already has a long and rich history. It was by the year 1971 that the cruise dedicated its ships in the act of presenting the finest vacations on a sail-vessel. Notably, the blue hulls belonging to the fleet are common sights in almost every harbour of the world. The ships of the company match the superb hospitality.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Age Eligibility- Twenty one years old.

Career Opportunities

Inspector/Inspectress, Pier Agent, Carpet Shampooer, Prep Cook, Security Guard, Housekeeper, Host/Hostess, Janitor, Room Attendant, Bartender, Desk Clerk, Houseperson, Dishwasher, Sales Coordinator, Night Auditor, Piano Player, Server, Wait Help, Business Analyst, Gift Shop Sales Associate, Gift Shop Cashier, Gift Shop Clerk, International Concierge, Cellar Master, Nurse, Physician, Guest Speaker, Youth Staff, Cruise Director, Clergy, Musician, Technician, Guest Entertainer, Sous Chef, Guest Relations Supervisor, Beverage Manager, Agency Specialist, Airport Agent, Engine Officer, Deck Officer, Crew Member.


Founded in the year 1873, as Netherlands-America Steamship Company, i.e. Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij (in Dutch), this worked as a passenger and shipping line. This cruise ship first sailed cargo ships with tall masts, all through the Atlantic. The company got its name because it served the Americas. Services soon started in Baltimore and South America. In 1899, New York started getting the cargo services. The initial twenty five years saw the ship carrying 400,000 passengers to the new world from the old world. The primary years of the twentieth century saw an addition of other ports to North America.

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With the headquarters located in Rotterdam, the ship provides esteemed service to Americas. It also came to be known with the name of Holland America Line. At present,  the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Further, it can be located in places such as Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Coast, Mexico, Hawaii and Tahiti, Panama Canal, Canada/ New England, Caribbean, and Grand Voyages.

Additional Services

A long fleet of fifteen cruise ships is operated by the Holland America Line. These include the MS Prinsendam, MS Noordam, MS Zaandam, and the MS Statendam.

Community Initiatives

A scheme called ‘On Deck for a Cause’ has been set up for encouraging passengers to walk a minimum of five kilometres at any point, when they enjoy their holidays. The guests would have to pay a fixed fee out of which eighty per cent goes to charities for cancer and the remaining twenty per cent for a series of wristbands and t-shirts for the participants. Also, there is a reception of outstanding drinks for individuals who successfully complete the contest.

Jobs Description & Remuneration

Deck and Engine Jobs– This department requires individuals responsible for prompt maintenance and running of the ship. The maintenance workers, officers, deckhands, and engineers are the positions available with the deck department. Ensuring that the ship meets the safety norms and the international maritime rules and regulations is another duty of a worker at this position. Most of workers employed here are from developing countries.

Advantages of Working

This company has been made successful owing to the qualities possessed by all the workers aboard the Holland America Line. While recognizing the contributions of the workers, a wide range of benefits is offered here. There is a regular review and update of compensation and benefits packages offered by the cruise. They include dental, vision, and medical coverage, 401(k), life insurance, long term disability coverage, personal time off and vacation. The benefits do not end here. Employees get travel benefits, commuting subsidies, and tuition assistance.
Holland America Line Application

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Job Interview Questions@Holland America Line

  • Are you aware of using the latest technology while cruising in the waters?
  • Do you have the knowledge of geography for assessing the position of the cruise vessel even in deep waters?
  • Do you possess good telecommunication skills?
  • How would you calm a passenger annoyed with any services on board?
  • Do you have the skills of developing a healthy rapport with every person on the dock?