Hostess Job Description

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Hostess job description gives an insight about the skills, work environment, duties and responsibilities of a hostess. Hostesses are those professionals, who are the first one to contact with the customers visiting a restaurant. They are ‘face of the restaurants’. They are responsible for representing the establishment to the guests and making a great first impression of the lounge or restaurant. If you are also planning to build your career in this field, go through this article.

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Interaction Skills

A hostess must have good communication skills so that she can interact with the guests, co-workers and employers in a clear and professional manner. She should be able to provide customers with requisite information that is understandable.

  • Organizing and Multi-tasking Skills

The job of a hostess involves performing several tasks at a time. These professionals must know how to juggle these multiple tasks simultaneously. They are also ought to possess organizing skills.

  • Customer Service Skills

A hostess must be courteous and friendly. She should be comfortable with public. They should know how to handle an upset guest. They are ought to listen the customers and resolve their problems.

  • Attention to Detail

The customers pay attention even to smallest details. Therefore, a hostess is expected to be attentive to these things, like dirty seats or dirty dining spaces.

  • Other Skills
  • Knowledge of maintaining inventory of menus
  • Ability to lodge special requests of the guests and pass the same to the restaurant staff.
  • Knowledge of the menus of restaurants and bars
  • Ability to anticipate and address customer’s service needs.
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 Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Hostess

  • Greeting guests entering the establishment
  • Escorting the customers to tables, seating, and providing them with daily specials and menu.
  • Wiping menus to ensure they are free of stains
  • Inspecting dining room servicing stations for sanitation and tidiness
  • Cleaning restrooms, menu covers, entrance areas and the host stand
  • Answering the incoming calls and scheduling reservations
  • Organizing the reservations and planning out the seating chart
  • Managing the wait staff to make sure that guests’ needs are met properly
  • Handling the customers who are drunk or stay till late
  • Keeping a track of: contact details for the party, number of people in each party, and number of seats available on any particular day or night
  • The hostess may process payments from guests, depending on the restaurant policy.
  • Ensuring that the guests had a good time
  • Saying goodbye to them, at the end of the dinner services
  • Assisting servers with after-dinner tallies.

Work Environment

Hostesses have the choice to work either full-time or part-time. These professionals may work in coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, etc. These establishments remain crowded during weekends and night, and hostesses are expected to present during those times. In fact, it’s a physically exhausting job as you need to walk and stand for an entire shift. There are occasions when you have to handle the nasty people. If you can hold your temper and want to get employment in a fast-paced and flexible working environment, this job is perfect for you.