Hotel Indigo Job Application

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Hotel Indigo features as a leading vivacious boutique hotel in across the whole country. The brand is a large chain of hotels functions under the hands of InterContinental Hotels Group. The hotel also holds the record of becoming “the industry’s first branded boutique hotel experience.”

The parent organization InterContinental Hotels Group, is a Britain based company, settled it’s headquarter in Denham, United Kingdom. This organization, apart from Indigo is also the holder of many other brands. The company controls its business with over 646,000 rooms & more than 4,500 hotels in approximately 100 countries.

Organization Details:

Working Hours: The hotel can be visited anytime during 24/7.

Age Eligibility: If you are fascinated in pursuing a career in hotel field, then you should be 18 years or more in age.

Career Opportunities: Some fruitful job options to boost you career in hotel industry. Housekeeper, Sales Manager, Technical Analyst, Driver, Front Desk Agent, Administrative Assistant, Room Service Associate, Concierge, Lobby Attendant, Maintenance Technician, Night Laundry, Call Center Agent, Food and Beverages Associate, Reservations Agent, Bilingual Customer Relations Specialist, Hotel Ambassador, Human Resources Director, Catering Associate & Banquet Cook.

History: Indigo is a new introduction in the hotel industry. The brand was started in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. Till now, the hotel is operating 31 properties while 11 more are under construction.

Presence: With large number of chain branches, Indigo can be found in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Costa Rica & China. The company with hundreds of branches in almost every location are successfully generating millions of dollars.

Additional Services: The hotel is continuously updating its services to make your stay enjoyable & full of experiences. These amenities include: Direct dial telephone, fitness Room, working desk with complimentary Wi- Fi, Onsite car parking, Indigo chocolate, Spa-inspired rainfall showers in every room and Use of PC and printer.

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Financial Stature: Hotel Indigo is a franchised group operates under the banner of InterContinental Hotels Group. This organization trades on NYSE with the ticker IHG. Annual income of this company in 2011 was recorded as $1,768 million.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

Applicants ready to outshine in the hospitality sector may find a large variety of amazing opportunities.

Human Resources Manager- A Manager in HR department operates all HR services, policies as well as guidelines of the company. More job duties involve: Hiring & appointing staff members, maintaining employee relations and arranging orientation & training programs for new hires.

Technical Analyst- An Analyst in the technical field needs to have relevant experience in accounting, finance & business field.  The key role of these professionals is to analyze & examine financial statistics. Apart from this, you may also be required to inspect annual budget, preparing reports, customer drift plus providing financial guidance.

Advantages of working @ Hotel Indigo:

Working benefits which excites the employees to get associated with the brand for long period are mentioned here: Life and disability insurance, health & wellness plans, employee discounts, industry-competitive pay, 401(k) plans, weekly pay, retirement benefits, profit sharing programs, paid time off, sick days, management trainings, hotel uniforms, tag name cards & dependent care.
Hotel Indigo Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ Hotel Indigo:

Interview questions which help you start your career in hospitality sector.

  • What activities are you looking to perform in this company?
  • How will you handle the work pressure if most of your team members are on leave?
  • What makes Hotel Indigo stands apart from other brands?
  • What is your future planning?
  • What are the chief responsibilities of a team member?
  • What steps would you take to overcome from pressure situations?
  • How will your career be affected by joining Indigo hotel?
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