Human Resource Cover Letter

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It is no need to feel awkward being a Human Resource representative; you have to send your resume to the department of Human Resource. A nicely framed resume topped with a Human Resource cover letter is enough to define the services that you provide and your achievements. You can get some reference from the cover letter presented below and get a review of your style.

Sample Cover Letter Human Resources

Thomas Holmes
641 ‘Apex Square’
Winterville, WV-43536
 November 15, 2009

Jane Richards
Recruiting Manager, Rolling Consulting Business
3400 14th Street NS, Suite 99
California, 31147

Dear Ms. Richards,

Subject: Application for the position of ‘Recruiter’

It is the nature of hiring that plays a very significant role for today’s organizations and parallel to understanding this, I submit my resume in the form of an application for the opening of experienced recruiter ‘Rolling Consulting Business’. I recently went through the advertisement floated by you on the internet and was excited to know that you had some vacancies.

I aggrandize quite some experience in all important facets of the life cycle while recruiting. As a duty during my last job, I was responsible for managing the process of recruitment from the level of a consultant to senior managers. I gathered significant experience in the aspects regarding the life cycle of recruiting, right from management of alumni to the definition regarding the application. My duties also included continuing ties with the alumni so as to confirm the continuation of the brand in the market and also authorize the strategies of re-employment. Apart from development and responsibility associated with recruiting, I had also worked into managing the internship program of the firm to the offer stage.  Most notably, I am keen to stay in this realm of professional services.

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My job at the ‘Purple Elementary School’ included the management of the annual ‘Southern California Book Fair’. It raised more than $12,000, which were to be utilized as the funds for scholarships.

Along with a strong academic experience as well as the firm understanding of professional services, I have a history associated with management of staff, working with the group on plans for personal development, and also understanding what position I want to do to enhance and promote the success of staff members. As a sense of being a true worker, I try feedback and support, both from upward, as well as the peer group.

The privilege of discussing the scope of this position is always welcome. I will make a call at your number after seven days for satisfying this objective. I am always available at my number – (909) 989-989-9889 if you have any queries regarding the information stated in the resume.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Holmes
Enclosure:  Resume