ICING Job Application

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ICING is a chain of fashion stores in America. The chain is a subsidiary of Claire’s Stores. This retail chain has presence throughout United States. It will not be difficult to find one of these stores in your vicinity. If you are searching a job that let you begin a retail career or are only finding a job that may help you pay bills, then you can try job hunt at these stores.

The chain has not provided any printed job application. There is also no online facility to apply for the job. You should locate one of these stores in your area and submit your resume to its management. Use online store locator on the company’s website – icing.com and find a nearby store by entering the postal code of your area. The chain’s management team is always inviting resumes and contact the applicants as there opens a job vacancy. Thus, contact a store and submit your resume to gain employment consideration.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ ICING: – Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ ICING: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ ICING: – Stock room associate, Cashier, Merchandise handler, Sales associate, Business analyst, Store manager, Area manager, Assistant store manager, Staff accountant

History: – Rowland Schaefer laid the foundation of these stores in year 1961. The retail chain is a business subsidiary of Claire’s Stores. Claire’s itself is owned by Apollo Management LLC. The corporate headquarter of the parent company is in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Additional Services: – These stores keep clothes and wearable of women. Their sales operations are oriented towards women of age between 18 and 30. These stores also sell cosmetic items and devices.

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Presence: – There are 3000 stores running under this chain. These stores are located in all states of America including District of Columbia. The company has a staff of around 20,000 employees working at its stores, distribution centers and corporate offices.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Do selling fashion accessories to women click you? If it does, then you should try for sales associate position at these stores. Most of the entry-level workers join these stores as sales associate and may advance to higher positions with experience. This is one of rarest retail chains where one gets excellent career advancement opportunities irrespective of the current designation. You can achieve higher education and get a promotion. Other than salespersons, other entry-level workers are stock room associates, accountants, data entry operators, merchandise handlers and delivery drivers. They have the job duties as per their position and get almost similar pay.

If you have already worked for few years in retail sector, then you should aim for managerial positions. These positions will allow you to demonstrate leadership and team management skills and will be a resume builder. You will be getting a high salary package along with many other job benefits.

Advantages of Working @ ICING:

This is one of the largest women’s clothe retail chain in the country. The hires are done on a large scale every year and once one is appointed, he/she has ample opportunities to advance his/her career. One gets to work in flexible schedules while there has no compromise to be made with pay. The payment of all part-time workers is on hourly basis, while full-time employees avail salary packages. The permanent employees have access to 401(k) retirement plan, health benefits, life and medical coverage, paid training, insurance and other monetary benefits. They are also eligible for paid leaves, vacations and holidays.

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ICING Job Application

Find a store and send your resume.

Job Interview Questions at ICING:

  • Tell us something about yourself?
  • How is ICING different from other fashion stores?
  • How will you convince a customer to purchase that ear ring?
  • How is selling something to women is easy?
  • In your opinion, what difficulties one face in selling accessories to women?
  • Will you be joining as part-time or full-time associate?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you join here immediately?