IKEA Job Application

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‘IKEA’ is the short form of Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Aqunnary. It is a Swedish company that is privately held. It also has a number exceeding three hundred massive stores that find a location all over the world. Basically, this is a store of home furnishing. It specializes in furniture of the ‘do-it-yourself’ type with the prices that are relatively cheaper. At present, the company has about 125,000 workers all over the world.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Sunday to Thursday: 10:00am-8:00pm; Friday and Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm.

Age Eligibility – Eighteen years.

Career Opportunities

Operations Manager, Customer Service Manager, General Warehouse Worker, Loss Prevention Associate, Stock Controller, Team Leader, Visual Merchandiser, Supply Chain Specialist, Receiving Team Leader, Restaurant Team Leader, Carts Worker, Customer Delivery Worker, Customer Service Worker, Replenishment Worker, Full Serve Worker, Call Center Worker, Kitchen Production Team Member, Cashier.


It was seventeen years old Ingvar Kamprad, from Sweden, who founded this company in the year 1943. The idea of IKEA was straightforward, and that was: Furniture can be transported and at cheaper rates, when it is self assembled. Warehouse stores of the company are present with cafeterias in forty four countries, which include Russia, Australia, the United States, Japan, as well as Canada.


The headquarters of IKEA can be located in Delft, Netherlands. The store maintains its presence all over the worldwide.

Additional Services  

The company provides many additional services related to furnishings. They are beds, mattresses, bedroom stores, lighting, textiles and rugs, hanging gardens, shades, bases, and cords, pendants, kitchen appliances, children’s IKEA, textiles and rugs, living room storage, hallway, laundry, IKEA gift cards, IKEA business etc.

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Community Initiatives  

It has been over a decade that IKEA is the key partner and contributes to works of the UNICEF via social investments.  This is through in-kind assistance, sales of Greeting Cards of UNICEF, and also by promotional and fundraising activities by the customers of IKEA. The company is directly engaged to issues that are related to child sufferings, including child labor and child abuse. The company has a commitment of more than $180 million in kind and cash donations with regards to UNICEF’s plans of saving and improving suffering children’s lives.

Environmental Initiatives

IKEA has been the world’s first principal company to print its own color catalog using hundred per cent chlorine free stationary. Some products are made from eighty per cent recycled paper. The company uses polyolefin plastic instead of PVC plastic, which has harmful chemicals like chlorine. However, PVC is only permitted to be used in electric leads. The used of optical brighteners in quilts and pillows is not done by IKEA. Glass and ceramic products do not have lead and cadmium, even as some countries do permit trace amounts to be used.

Financial Stature

IKEA is a privately held company and therefore it has no ticker symbol and does not trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

The front of the store is the working area of the cashier. This individual rings up customers and assures that they are satisfied with the products they purchased. Also, solving all their questions regarding the merchandise is the duty of a cashier. This person also maintains proper queues and in keeping the store’s front area clean. This worker gets an average wage between $8 and $13 per hour.

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Customer Service Executive
This employee gets to work in the department of customer services. Processing the returns, answering the phone calls, and helping the customers are the basic duties of this person. This worker may also have to assist people ring up orders. The average salary of a customer service executive ranges from $8 to $11 per hour.

Stock Associate – The working area of a stock associate is generally in the backroom of the store. Apart from organizing all the merchandise, the stock associate helps fulfill the wants of any customer in need of a particular item. The worker has to make sure that all the merchandise is clean, and all the articles that come in the store get their price tags. The stock associate gets an average salary between $9 and $14 per hour.

Team Leader – The main working floor is the zone occupied by the team leader. The charge of any specific section in the store is looked after by this worker. This person has to ensure that the workers do all of their jobs and the customers’ queries are answered to the satisfaction. The main manager is to be consulted in the event of solving problems faced by customers. The average wage procured by team leaders ranges from $39,000 to $42,000 per year.

Advantages of working

The company provides benefits, but they may vary from position to position. It also whether the employee is on a part time, or full time duty. The base pay does not form the sole benefit which can be reaped from this company. There are quite a number of other benefits waiting to be availed by qualified associate. These benefits are health care, 401(k) plans for retirement paid vacations, tuition reimbursement, and healthcare coverage. Career advancement and further training opportunities also exist. To top it all, there is a chance for travel, offered by the company too.

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IKEA Job Application

Job Interview Questions@IKEA

  • How can you guarantee that the customer would be satisfied after leaving the store?
  • How can you boost the sales of furniture?
  • Do you possess computer literacy?
  • How will you deal with peculiar customers who are short tempered and restless?
  • Which furniture item do you prefer to use the most at your residence and why?