Interior Designer Cover Letter Sample

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The basic service for Interior Designers is to design the interior area of buildings. The interior spaces of dwellings, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, transport terminals, and other work places are made appealing, safe, and functional by this individual. Particularly included in their functional area are light fixtures, stairwells, hallways, doors, and windows.  

In the cover letter for this job, the applicant must describe the necessary qualifications and creative skills. We can now see the layout of an ideal cover letter useful for the resume of Interior Designer.

Interior Designer Cover Letter Sample

Allan White
6800 Apex Circle
Springville, SV 43536
November 12, 2010

Ms. Gracie Cardozo
Manager, Human Resources
Blatant Designs
5464 G Orange Street
Springville, SY 84300

Subject: Cover Letter for Interior Designer

Dear Ms. Cardozo,

It was last Saturday when I went through the advertisement in the local newspaper, which referred to a vacancy for an ‘Interior Designer’ at ‘Blatant Designs’. I was excited as the degree in Interior Designing and relevant experience in this field, make me a suitable candidate for this post. I am prepared to fully put in my passion and skills of inspiration while working with this one of the basic interior design company.

I consider myself as a valid contender owing to understanding and deciphering the patterns and designs that are complex. I further work for their beautification, and that is safely and perfectly materialized by me. Furthermore, I also have a demonstrated capability in selecting and specifying wallpapers, flooring, furniture, fabrics, finishes, colors, and lighting. This is added to materials that are needed in conceptualizing and producing elegant, safe, functional, as well as, an aesthetic interior for any building. 

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The skills that I bear are specifically demonstrated in:

• Estimating the materials and costs needed

• Building up detailed drawings, cross sections, elevations, and other plans

• Conferring with clients and conclude preferences, requirements, use of space, and safety requirements

• Development of 3-D models and comprehensive plans via computer programs (CAD) to arrange furniture, walls, dividers, and other fixtures

I am keen to use my creative approach along with skills for the success of ABC Designs. It would be pleasant meeting you personally so that this position of Interior Designer can be discussed in detail. For setting a time that may be appropriate mutually, I will make a call at your working area in the coming week. In the interim, I am always available at (444) 516-6171. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Allan White
Encl.: Resume