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Jack in the Box food court is grateful for the irresistible support of its customers. Secondly, the brand cares for every feedback seriously. This feedback is totally performance based and can be shared in three different ways. An interesting fact about the company is that it is operating two entirely different brand chains. One is named as hamburger chain and second is Qdoba Mexican Grill.

Approximately, 72% of the brand’s outlets are being franchised in the market as compared to 57% in 2010. On the other side, the organization is also promoting its second brand (Qdoba Mexican Grill). An average sale of $9.74 was recorded for Qdoba Grill against $6.25 for Jack in the Box.

Another objective of the restaurant is to provide employment to the general public. Outlets spread in various states are in deep need of efficient and dedicated employees. Professionals hired can be placed in restaurants, regional offices, distribution centers and corporate headquarters. It offers amazing career opportunities as well as great work culture. It’s a wonderful experience to be a part of this brand.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Jack in the Box: The restaurant is very much committed towards providing customer satisfaction and works for 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ Jack in the Box: For joining this organization, you should attain 16 years or more.

Career Opportunities @ Jack in the Box: Team Leader, Team Member, Area Coach, Assistant Manager, Operations Support Manager, Restaurant Manager, Temporary Restaurant Inspector, Corporate Communications Internship, Relief Driver, Research and Development Intern, Budget Analyst, Food Service Packer, Performance Effectiveness Consultant, Equipment Technician and Administrative Coordinator.

History: Established in 1951, Jack in the Box Inc, is a restaurant opened in San Diego, California by Robert O. Peterson. Company’s headquarter is still situated there. It is one of the foremost fast-food chains providing services in more than 20 states with 2,200 branches opened. In the last quarter of 2010, the brand has started 2,206 restaurants in 18 more states. Out of this figure, 956 outlets were owned by the company while remaining ones were being franchised.

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Presence: In current year (2012), Jack in the box has established more than 2,200 outlets in all the states of the US. The company has not shown interest in expanding its business globally. Restaurant is totally focusing towards achieving No.1 position within the country.

Additional Services: Jack in the Box; today supply a wide range of inimitable and modern products targeting food lovers, including generous sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, shakes and ice creams, etc. Jack in the Box was the first chief food chain, indulges in budding and mounting the theory of serving through a driver thru restaurants. Customers from 20 to 100 in numbers can enjoy the meal at one particular time. These restaurants work for 18-24 hours every day.

70% of the profit comes by the sales done at these stores to benefit the company. Qdoba Mexican Grill is another chain business operated by the organization.

Community Initiatives: Besides ruling the hearts of its customers and clients, Jack in the Box delicately pleasing the communities where it functions. The food restaurant during 1998 organized a committee known as Jack in the Box foundation, to protect the youth from walking in wrong direction.

Adding on to this, food court in association with many other partners contributes millions of dollars to help raise awareness among all customers.

Environmental Initiatives: Environment protection is another issue for which Jack in the Box is seriously worried. One of the chief tasks of Jack is to defend and encourage several animals by using manual techniques. Furthermore, environmental stability can be determined by using recycled products and energy saving equipments.

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Financial Stature: In this regards, company has strong financial support. It has also made a mark on NASDAQ with its official name “JACK”. Jack in the Box is a subsidiary of Qdoba. This name manages over 500 stores within nation.

Jack’s revenue turnover is king size in number ($2.6 billion). Nearly 42,500 employees are associated with this brand at all levels across the globe.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

Job hunter’s journey stops after reaching Jack in the Box doorsteps. People get a wide range of exciting career opportunities in this fast-paced dining organization. Hiring for all positions, company entail career-minded workers in order to staff the available positions.

As a career centric, Jack in the Box employee individuals for the position in marketing, financing, distribution, IT, consulting, human resources and legal. Hiring can be done either for full time or part time positions. Like other food courts, customer satisfaction is the major objective of this restaurant too. Filling online forms increases the chances of getting the interview calls speedily. Below are the posts, you can apply for.

Team Members- It’s the entry level position which every restaurant or food store offers. Team members at Jack in the Box, always welcome customers, take orders, operate cash registers, prepare food and serve the order. Cleaning kitchen, lobby and restaurant floors are other job tasks done by these members.

Team members at Jack in the Box must always hold caring, polite and friendly attitude. Their gentle income starts at a minimum of $9 per hour.

Management- Management role involves positions, such as team leaders, store managers, assistant managers, restaurant managers and others. Applicants with age of 18 years or above are eligible for these posts. External candidates must hold relevant experience before applying. Every management professional needs to perform roles different from others.

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Team leaders are supposed to administer workers and maintain shift schedules. Assistant managers, on the other hand, hire new candidates, oversee operations, delegate works and certify customer happiness. Annual income of Asst. managers is in between $35,000 to $45,000 per year, while team leaders get $10/hour.

Advantages of working @ Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box operates with the key objective of satisfying its customer’s needs and making them happy. This motto can only be achieved when the employees working in this company are comfortable and smiling. It’s a big responsibility of the restaurant to benefit the professional with some additional facilities, apart from salary and incentives.

Jack in the Box has honestly performed its duties by offering following advantages. Both full time as well as part time employees can enjoy these benefits. The first step which this company takes is by creating pleasant environment and professional work conditions.

Another method of entertaining workers is by adopting several job benefits, such as 401K savings plan, stock purchase plan, savings bond, paid vacations, sick leaves, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts, flexible work schedules and much more.

Professionally satisfied employees contribute towards the success of organization with full faith.

Job Interview Questions for Jack in the Box

  • What is your area of interest?
  • How long are you planning to work?
  • Do you hold any previous work experience?
  • What qualities do you possess?
  • What is your area of interest?

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