JetBlue Job Application

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Do not you want to be part of JetBlue airline? The prestigious airline is hiring is hiring new candidates in various positions. A much appreciable thing is that its job application is available online. If you are about to enter the airline industry, Jet Blue could be your first employer.

Visit The website allows creating a personal profile. So, do it and search through the recent job vacancies. After your online profile is created on the website, you can apply to any JetBlue job online. You will also get job alerts and notifications after you will have been successfully registered. Move on. There are many openings right now. You may be able to secure one of the available jobs within few weeks.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ JetBlue:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ JetBlue:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ JetBlue:– Route planer, Air traffic controller, Maintenance technician, Aviation engineer, Customer service agent, Baggage handler, Reservation agent, Cargo handler, Online sales representative, Trip advisor, Airport operations supervisor, Ramp agent, Maintenance engineer, Security guard, Food caterer

History:- JetBlue airline was founded in year 1998. It is an American airline operating under the JetBlue Airways Corporation. The airline is listed in NASDAQ. It trades under the ticker symbol – JBLU. Currently, around 12,500 workers are working in the airline and work force is ever increasing in size. In the last year, the airline earned revenue of around $3.5 billion.

Additional Services:- There are more than 150 airplanes in the fleet of this airline. It operates flights to more than 60 destinations in Europe and North America. The number of airplanes owned by the airline will be increased as the new orders will be finalized.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

JetBlue has been providing employment to hundreds of candidates every year. The jobs are available at both professional and entry-level. The jobs like the flight attendant, pilot and other flying positions can be obtained only after passing the training programs and completing an internship. An internship in the airline itself would be useful in confirming appointment.

The jobs in customer care and online ticket booking require candidates to have proper communication skills and marketing aptitude. Anybody 18 or above can join in such jobs. There are career advancement opportunities in customer care, so the candidates can get promotion to managerial positions in sales and related departments.

There are also some jobs in maintenance and technical operations. Most of the hires in these positions are done through campus recruitments. The candidates join as graduate engineer trainee and may secure higher engineering positions in the future.

If you are not much qualified, you can try for jobs in airport operations. The airport has been looking for hires as baggage handlers, merchandise handlers, ramp agents, security officers, security guards and cargo handlers. One can get promoted to operations manager position starting from these entry-level jobs. These workers are often paid daily wages on an hourly basis.

Advantages of Working @ JetBlue:

JetBlue airline keep its employees happy. It has a fun work environment, and you will enjoy working there. The workers get a comprehensive retirement plan, high salaries, bonuses, discounts and travel benefits, life insurance, sick leaves, paid vacations, healthcare, stock options, saving plans and other job perks depending upon their job title, experience, time spent in company, achievements and performance.
JetBlue Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at JetBlue:

  • Do you have any specific work experience?
  • When did you face a stressful situation? How managed it?
  • Have you ever done a group task? How did you coordinated with other members?
  • Tell about your resume?
  • How did you start your career in aviation?
  • Is this your first job? What do you dislike about your past job?
  • How was your flying experience?