Jewel-Osco Job Application

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There are about two hundred stores of Jewel Oslo, providing dairy, frozen foods, meat, baked goods and fresh produce to local customers. The company is subsidiary to SuperValu Incorporation. It employs more than forty five thousand workers all over the United States of America. Services of alcohol, photo laboratories, and pharmacies are provided at affordable prices. The head office of company are located in Itasca, Illinois. The organization operates parallel to other supermarkets, like Food 4 Less and Albertsons.

Organization Details

Working Hours  

The store is open for public transaction 24 hours on all days of the week.

Age Eligibility

The applicant is required to be of at least sixteen (16) years of age when applying for a job at this company.

Career Opportunities  

The following career opportunities are available with the company:

Stock Associate, Meat Clerk, Floral Clerk, Frozen Food Clerk, Bakery Donut Fryer, Cashier, Seafood Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Cake Decorator, Store Manager, Department Manager, Assistant Manager,  Human Resource Project Manager Specialist, Loss Prevention Specialist, Pharmacy Technician, Deli Clerk, Meat Cutter, Produce Clerk, Marketing and Merchandising Analyst etc.


It was Frank Vernon Skiff who founded ‘Jewel’ in Chicago, Illinois, in the year 1899. This used to be a door-to-door service delivering coffee. Skiff joined hands with Frank P. Ross in 1902 and renamed the venture as ‘Jewel Tea Company’. Later, in 1929, a facility for roasting coffee, a new work-place, and a warehouse were built in uptown Barrington, Illinois. This then, also created a good number of jobs locally, even during the phase of Great Depression. The residents of the nearby area nicknamed the headquarters, which was new and five storied, as – the ‘Gray Lady’. This pet name was because of the style which looked sophisticated.

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The store began working in the year 1899 in the form of a house-to-house service of coffee delivery. After popularizing brand name, the founder of the stores finally opened more stores in the year 1932, prior to obtaining a chain of supermarkets based in Chicago. In the year 2006, the shareholders of the company approved that all stores be sold to SuperValu.


About 170 stores of the store are located in the area of Chicago metro. This also includes northwestern Indiana. Apart from these ten stores can be found in Eastern Iowa, Western and Central Illinois. 

Community Initiatives

The responsibility of charitable giving forms the core of the company. By providing help and creating stronger communities, the company enhances the basic quality that life carries, for both associates as well as customers. Providing for the customers even beyond the boundaries of the store also forms a meaning of a fine neighbor.  The company stands in support of bringing an end to hunger in the community and that forms the basis of the mission towards charity.  Ending food shortage in communities around, by supporting organizations that provide comprehensive programs of food distribution and hunger relief is the focus of this company.

Additional Services

A wide range of food items and food selections is offered by this grocery store and that too at affordable rates. Items like meat, organic produce, dairy, meats, food products that are non-perishable and seafood are sold by the store which is divided into the respective departments. In addition to the above, the retailer at the Supermarket also has services like that of photography, gifts, and pharmacy.

Environmental Initiatives

The company shows its commitment towards the environmental stewardship. In addition to this, it also helps and supports local efforts that are aimed at sustainability and the company also supports local efforts for sustainability operations.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier:- This job title at the entry level greets the customers, answers the queries about the particular product, services and policies. A typical cashier should be courteous, attentive, and a friendly person demonstrating professionalism at every stage. Typically, the cashier’s salary begins from minimum wage but with the gain of experience, there will surely be a hike in salary.

Clerk:-  Working at various capacities, the clerk usually works in consigned departments, and also provides services and help to the customers. Workers who are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable are considered as ideal. Starting at minimum wage and then earning more with respect to experience gained.

Pharmacy:- The pharmacy jobs at this company include pharmacy technician and pharmacist. Pharmacists are responsible for distribution and answering queries on medications. The pharmacy technician, on the other hand, assists the pharmacist. Pharmacists earn a yearly salary anywhere between $60,000 and $100,000 with respect to experience, job title, as well as store location. The pharmacy technician typically makes a yearly salary of about $25,000 to $35,000.

Assistant Manager:- The assistant manager is responsible for ensuring satisfaction to the visiting customers, delegating work, as also hiring and providing the necessary training to employees who are new. The salary options for candidates applying for this post are between $45,000 and $50,000.

Advantages of working:- An excellent array as far as job benefits are concerned is provided by this company. A healthy work environment which is team oriented, programs that are career supportive, and pay scales that are attractive and excellent, are offered by this company. Health benefits include comprehensive plans for life insurance and wellness programs to develop the eminence of life of the workers. Spending accounts that are flexible are an added feature of this list of provisions. The 401 (k) retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, and pension plans are also a part of the advantages of working with this company.
Jewel-Osco Job Application

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Job Interview Questions  

There can be a numerous ways with which the interviewer can tackle the candidate to gauge his or her efficiency, knowledge and worthiness while in the phase of employing him or her for the company. Through the process of an interview, it is more easy to test the mind of a candidate and his proficiency of working while employed in that particular company. Here are some probable questions which may be put forward by the interviewer:

  • Being a fresher, how do you plan to change your everyday lifestyle to gear up with the workload provided by the everyday work schedule?
  • How will you manage to wave off customers who frequently ask or demand discounts for every purchase they make?
  • How do you pass your free time in everyday life?
  • What superior skills do you possess are going to help you get through this interview, that may be lacking in your co-interviewee’s?
  • What is the definition of the term – ‘Quality Service’ – as understood by you, as far as providing service to the customers is concerned?
  • How will you efficiently combat a situation wherein you spot a co worker pilfering or stealing right under the roof of this store?
  • Dealing with impatient or / and irate customers is an art in itself. How do you plan to master this?