Job Duties of a Pizza Delivery Driver

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The pizza delivery driver carries the responsibility of distributing the pre-ordered pizzas and other related stuff connected with eatables, particularly fast food. The driver can be easily spotted making his way through the busy traffic, riding a bike, car, or a van and disappearing somewhere in the streets.

The most important thing that the pizza delivery driver has to take care of, apart from delivering the pizzas is the effective maintenance of a reliable source of transport. These individuals usually carry vehicles of their own because there are few organizations that own delivery fleets. A valid driving license and vehicle insurance policy, as required by the state, must always be owned by the driver. 

Coming on to the professionalism of these drivers, the shortcuts as well as the proper routes must be known to these individuals. This will help them to deliver the pizzas at the exact location and that too in the promised time. Some paperwork is also meant to be handled by the deliverers. This is in the form of getting the receipts of the pizza delivered signed by the recipient. The payment is to be collected only at the time of delivery and at the house of the customer.

The text that follows shows sample duties or job description for the resume of a pizza delivery driver. All or some of the statements can be incorporated in the resume of this agent.

  • Ensure a prompt collection of the payment in connection to the delivered pizza
  • Be in constant or regular connection with the pizza head office
  • Keep a constant record related to the mileage derived by the automobile, the fuel consumed per day, the number of pick-ups and the delivered pizzas, and the problems faced while at the job
  • Always perform a thorough examination of the vehicle before venturing to deliver the eatables
  •  Pack the pizzas along with the other related goods and promptly deliver them to the customer’s residential area
  • Advertise the pizza related products and promote them by distributing promotional offers
  • Make the well known destinations as core spots for selling the pizzas
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