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Kaehler World Traveler is going good with its luggage business and is so always inviting job applications. Though, the number of locations is only six, the employment opportunities with these luggage stores is no ways limited. You must try for a job at these stores if you reside in Chicago area and are searching for a retail job.

Unfortunately, the company has not facilitated online job application, nor it has provided any online means to accept applications. But, do not despair, the retail stores can be contacted personally for employment consideration. Send your resume to management of respective store and wait for an interview call. If you are 16 years old and do not have any experience, you may be appointed as sales associate or at any other entry-level position. A work experience of retail sector may help you become part of management workforce.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Kaehler WorldTraveler: – There are different hours of operations at different locations.

Age Eligibility @ Kaehler WorldTraveler: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Kaehler WorldTraveler: – Store manager, Sales associate, Key holder, Merchandise handler, Business analyst, Inventory manager, Stock associate, Marketing manager, IT specialist, Assistant manager

History: – The Company was founded by Walter Kaehler in 1920. In early days of his entrepreneurship, he worked as a locksmith and then switched to luggage business. The company maintains its corporate headquarter at Winnetka, Illinois. It is running six stores in the Chicago region.

Additional Services: – Kaehler sells luxury luggage of top brands like Tumi, Hartmann, Rimowa, Brics, Lipault, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox and many others. These stores offer entire range of luggage including briefcases, backpacks, suitcases, wheeled backpacks, laptop bags, wheeled packing cases, Duffel bags, travel accessories, carryon luggage etc.

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Presence: – There are six stores in this group. These stores are situated in following locations – Winnetka, Michigan Ave, Woodsfield Mall, Highland Park, Oakbrook and Lincoln Park.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores frequently hire sales associates. There can be a vacancy of sales associate available anytime. For this position, one does not need to have any experience. Simply being legally eligible to work in United States and qualifying age requirement is sufficient to get recruited. The sales associates engage in selling products to customers and relay relevant information to them. They entry-level workers are often hired on hourly wages. Stock associates, IT specialist, Cashiers are the other entry-level positions, on which one can easily get appointed.

In the organizational hierarchy, above these entry-level positions are the management professionals, who may be overseeing inventory, sales or marketing operations. The store managers are responsible to manage staff and supply instructions. Sometimes, they also train new hires and set their schedules.

Advantages of Working @ Kaehler WorldTraveler:

The good news is that you will not have to compromise with your studies or other liabilities as one has flexible schedules while working at any entry-level position in these stores and the hourly pay is also handsome. You may be paid low in beginning, but once you are well versed in your job, you start getting the standard wages. The full-time job positions like that are in management and inventories are more fruitful. Such associates access life insurance, long term and short term disability coverage, paid training and retirement plan. Additionally, paid vacations and holidays let the associates enjoy some spare time.

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Kaehler World Traveler Job

Job Interview Questions at Kaehler WorldTraveler:

  • Please tell us about yourself?
  • Which is of those two carryon bags seems more costly?
  • How will you describe this backpack to a customer?
  • Do you have knowledge of any accounting software?
  • How will you initiate communication with a customer?
  • Can you persuade a customer to purchase something from the store, who seems not willing to buy anything?
  • What hours of time will you be available?
  • How long will you keep on in this job?
  • Do you seek any career advancement here?