Kaiser Permanente Job Application

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If you want to assist people achieve their individualized health goals, you can apply to Kaiser Permanente Job Application for helping people access member programs to keep them healthy and fit because all Kaiser health plans revolves around the members and their loved one’s well being, and health promotion.

Foundation History

The start of worker’s prepayment health plan by Sidney R. Garfield MD in the Southern California desert construction project in 1933 and  persuasion of Henry Kaiser to form a construction workers group’s practice prepayment plan and establishment of the plan in 1942 was the  were the beginning for the founding of Kaiser Permanente. In 1945, Kaiser Permanente was founded by H. Kaiser and Dr. Garfield in Oakland, California.

Organization Details

Kaiser Permanente is one of the country’s largest not-for-profit health plans and serves more than 9 million members. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California.

The company operates through three different bodies – Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and regional subsidiaries, and regional Permanente Medical Groups that are autonomous.  The characteristics of the company operations includes, reasonable prepaid health plans, physician group practice, prevention of illness and an organized delivery system.

Kaiser Permanente has more than 610 Medical Offices and OPD services, 9 million Health Plan members, 38 hospitals, 16,700 physicians, 173,000 employees, ranging from administrative, technical and clerical to physicians. The combined revenues of all three entities were more than $ 1.5 billion in net income and in operating revenues of $47.9 billion.

Operating hours

  • The operating hours of the organization is Mon-Fri, 8:45am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 5pm,
  • Pharmacy operates9:00am – 6pm on Monday to Friday and closes on holidays.
  • Optical Sales Hours are 8:15am – 12:15pm & 1:15pm – 5pm, Mon to Fri.
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(Specific department hours may vary).

Minimum Working Age: 18 years


Kaiser Permanente offers a wide range of employment building opportunities in Administrative Offices, Medical Centres/Hospitals and Medical Offices. The careers are available in the states of CO, CA, GA, HI, MD, OH, OR, VI, WA and D.C. Currently, there are around 190,500 employees and physicians who are working in different jobs and serving more than 9 million members.  The company also offers regular trainings to workers for their own and company’s growth.

The available jobs can be divided into two broad categories: Health Professionals and Business professionals.

Health professionals – Hospital Leadership, nursing & Health Care, radiology and imaging, behavioural and mental health, nutrition & food services, medical records, pharmacy, rehabilitation services and more.

Business Professionals – Accounting, finance, and actuarial services, Customer service, Construction and facilities services, HR and HRIS, Compliance, privacy, and regulatory, Quality assurance/UR/case management, IT, Research and development and others.

The positions in the company are regular and temporary status for Full-time, Part-time, Short Hour, Per Diem and Call-in/On-call. The applicants have various work options because there are different job types such as Standard, Cooperative, Internship, Graduate Job and Summer Job. The can also shift hours – Day, Evening, Night or Variable.

Job Description

Customer service

Customer service associate duties require liaison with employer groups, members, internal customers and brokers. They will have to explain company policies and procedures, offerings and meeting the needs of members throughout the country.

Imaging and Radiology

Imaging and Radiology professionals work with physicians, patients, specialists and clinicians and support actively in the care delivery process.

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The Kaiser Permanente Job Application process requires registering with the company with User Name email ID and Password, and creating a profile with the given information. Once registered, you can return to Kaiser Permanente Career page to login and search jobs of your choice. The job search system also posts all current opening with the company. The applicant can apply jobs by using the search tool or from the current openings.

The Job Search system offers different categories for job search, including Job Search, My Job Page, Advance Search and All Jobs.  The criteria for Advance Job search include,  Job Number, Keywords, Area of Interest, Zip/Postal Code, Radius, Location, Country -Zip/Postal Code, Distance from Zip/Postal Code, Posting Date, Schedule, Job Type, Job Level, Employee Status, Education Level, Travel up to, and Shift.

Job application process

The candidates can Login and click “My Job Page” to create a profile with required information, and apply for the selected job. If the applied job requirements match with the background skills, knowledge and talents, a member from the recruitment team or a hiring manager will contact the applicant. The recruiting team professional will question the applicant about his qualifications and acceptable salary range. The candidate may also have to appear for a series of tests for mathematical skills and general administrative measurement.  The next step starts with a series of interviews with HR manager and department team or management team.


The company is highly specific about the work/life balance and wellness of the employees. They are offered a number of Benefits as per their full-time and part-time status, and per week work schedule hours, and include:

  • Sick leave, vacation and holiday
  • Mental Health, Dental and Vision, and Medical Care.
  • Life insurance and disability coverage
  • Education and Tuition
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Worker’s Retirement plans, health care, transit spending account, and dependent care.
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Kaiser Permanente Job Application

Interview Questions

  • What are the newest developed products of the company?
  • How did you know about this position?
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Where do you find yourselves after 4 years?
  • If we hire you for a week, will you accept the job offer?
  • What made you quit your last job?
  • If you are unable to meet your set target, what will you do?
  • Can you make independent decisions?
  • How do you define a team spirit?
  • How do you hope to achieve your career goal with us?