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The Kaplan Inc, which works as a for-profit organization dedicates itself to education. Courses of professional training, resources of test preparation, and programs of higher education are provided to customers. All these services are provided at a number of locations in the United States as well as the globe. Every year, an excess of one million students pass through the institute. All across the world, more than 24,000 employees find work in the Kaplan.

The Federal Trade Commission construes that the preparation for tests as Kaplan provides, greatly assists the students while they add on to the test scores. The universities in America began to rely on standardized tests for measuring the potential of a student. The makers of the test papers claimed that examinations could not be provided coaching. While Kaplan was aware that right preparation will certainly improve the performance or the scores.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm; and on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The company observes a holiday on Sundays.

Age Eligibility – 18 years old

Career Opportunities

Positions like Manager, Administrative Assistant, Tutor, etc, may be found vacant.


The Kaplan Company was founded by Stanley Kaplan, way back in the year 1938. The basic aim was to provide tuitions to students who aspired to get through the New York Regents Exam. The Kaplan’s basement area was used as the original venue for running the company. Only after 1984, the company witnessed rapid growth, on being sold to the Washington Post.


Kaplan, which now has more than hundred centers across the United States, is an acquisition of The Washington Post Company.  After the possession of ‘Aspect’, centred in London, Kaplan is among the chief sources of programs of academic English there. It also expands the real estate and financial training business to countries like Australia. In Israel too, the leading test prep provider with the name of ‘Kidum’, was acquired by Kaplan, which further extended the worldwide reach of the company to nineteen countries. Even in countries like China, the demands for education of the western style were met with, by the introduction of pre-university degrees and programs by Western universities in many cities of China. The present count of learning centers of Kaplan is five hundred in thirty countries. With the acquisitions of ‘Dublin Business School’ (Ireland) and ‘The Financial Training Company’ (Asia and United Kingdom), the company’s expansion at an international level is further expanded.

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Additional Services

As a part of providing after school tutoring and online learning, for children, Kaplan has entered the K-8 market after the acquisition of Kaplan Kids (previously Score Learning Inc.). The company entered the market of higher education by possession of Quest Education Corporation, which is a network related to career colleges and is publicly traded. The biggest business of Kaplan is now higher education.

Community Initiatives

The culture followed by the company has its basis on giving back to the community.

It is known that with the help of education, a gateway to new opportunities, and more attractive, can be fathomed. This naturally gives way to better jobs and consequently a better life. The Leadership Program of the Kaplan Educational Foundation serves the talented students of the community in a positive sense.

Test Preparations

This institute leads in the preparation of tests and it has been serving a number of tyros since it was found about seventy five years back. The tutorial prepares students for many standardized tests, which are related to graduate school and college admissions. It also provides guidance for proficiency in English language and offers many programs for preparing professionals for numerous advanced designations and licensing examinations, and continuing education related to many fields.

Financial Stature

The company exceeded annual revenue of $2.5 billion in the form of annual revenue. It became the fastest and largest growing unit of business related to The Washington Post Company.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

A tutor performs the basic duty of educating the student and providing help to solve the problems faced by him or her. This individual has to exhibit heaps of patience too, along with combating the general problems faced by the employees.

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The manager approves the duly filled indent forms as well as takes care of the centre. He or she has to take care of the general functioning of all departments, as well as the employees. The manager must be positive and friendly, to not just the teachers, but the students, as well. This makes a positive environment of working in a group, and aim towards the betterment of the future endeavours of the country.

Administrative Assistant
The Administrative Assistant helps in solving the general problems related to the administration of the company. This person puts up the indent / purchase order of the company and checks the receipt of the merchandise of the same.

Advantages of working @ Kaplan Application

The importance of value, quality, and choice are recognized by this tuition company. The benefits package that is provided to the employees is thought of to be an indispensable part of the compensation. It shows a strong commitment towards the provision of competitive and comprehensive benefits.

There are wellness and health benefits offered, which include commuter benefits, dental and medical insurance, and spending accounts that are flexible. For part timers, the benefits also include vision care, accidental and life insurance, and short term disability insurance.

The financial benefits provided by Kaplan for its eligible employees include 401(k) saving plan, Long Term Care Insurance, Group Financial Planning, and cash balance.
Kaplan Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Kaplan  

  • What inspired you to apply for this kind of post here?
  • From where did you complete the highest degree attained by you?
  • How do you plan to progress in your life keeping Kaplan as the base?
  • When it comes to tutoring, how capable are you at it?
  • What extra quality do you possess, which may motivate a student to perform better?
  • Can you sustain overtime as and when needed?
  • What do you decipher from the literal meaning of the word ‘teaching’?
  • Can you recall the situation wherein a lot of patience was demonstrated by you?
  • What do you like to do whenever spare time comes your way?
  • How can you improve the performance of an average student through your training?
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