KLA Schools Job Application

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KLA Schools offer childhood education and aims at the development of children in the ages three months to six years. Franchise owners are present on-site for all schools, along with an educational director. Loris Maguzzi, creative philosopher and educator, developed the ‘Reggio Emilia Approach’, which is the basis of the schools’ curriculum.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 5:30pm. It is closed on weekends.

Age Eligibility – The candidate aspiring for any post here must be minimum eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities available for aspiring candidates are mentioned below –

·       General Daycare Manager

·       Assistant Daycare Manager

·       Food and Beverages Associate

·       Teacher

·       Assistant Teacher

·       Administrative Assistant

·       Customer Service Representative


The ‘KLA Schools’ was founded in the year 2008 and as of the year 2010, full franchising opportunities have been offered.  The Ortega family along with a small group comprising of educators and investors started the first KLA School in Miami, Florida.

This company is privately owned, and professionals of full time career, as well as, workers at the entry level are provided positions all over the nation.


Present all over the United States, this child tutoring centre chain emphasizes on providing a learning experience of high quality to kids falling into all age factions. Not just this. The programs also imbibe active participation and observation by the parents, as well as the KLA staff. The headquarters of the KLA Franchise, LLC is found in the Brickell area of Miami, Florida. The company franchises the ‘KLA Schools’.

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Additional Services

A panorama of programs, related to a range of time and age, specific schedules are offered by the KLA Schools. These are: ‘Baby Nido’ for kids who are of the age category of 3 months to fifteen months; the next being ‘Nido’ for toddlers of the age of fifteen to twenty-four months as also the ‘Class of the 2s’, the ‘Class of the 3s’, the ‘Class of the 4s’, KG or the “Kindergarten’, the Summer Camps, and finally ‘Before & After School’.

Franchising Opportunities

The Reggio Emilia Approach inspires the educational philosophy of KLA Schools. The involvement of parents is the most influential factor constituting the educational philosophy. This further includes the principles related to community, responsibility, and respect. It was in the year 2009 that Jim Steger came to the team and offered development of a franchise. The company frequently invites individuals to take part and become franchises for the company.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Preschool Lead Teacher – This post is most favourable for enthusiastic, energetic, and happy specialists. The Preschool Lead Teacher is passionate about being a teacher to enrich the children’s lives. The workers are trained such that the Reggio Emilia Philosophy is provided support. 

Administrative Assistant – The Administrative Assistants serve in the home offices and KLA branches. Many clerical jobs are performed by this individual. These include maintenance of the records and keeping stability and calm at the working area.

Preschool Assistant Director KLA – This is a full time employee linked with job type being education management. The responsibility of promoting the educational philosophy, as well as the qualified child care educators’ team. This individual should also establish respectful, professional, and positive relationship as far as the staff, parents, children, and the direct supervisors are concerned. 

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Advantages of working @KLA Schools

Each KLA School worker who is eligible has an access to employment perks and related job benefits. A generous salary and competitive base pay are offered to the qualified associates, who also enjoy advantages like that of paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, in addition to healthcare coverage and advancement potential. All the qualified workers can enjoy the advantage of employee discounts offered by the company.

KLA Schools Job Application

Job Interview Questions@KLA Schools   

  • Why did you choose a profession of childcare and development?
  • Do you have any experience regarding this field of child tutoring?
  • How do you define customer service in relation to childcare and development?
  • What if a customer is not satisfied with the assistance provided to his or her child?
  • How are advancement potentials budding in a career like this?
  • What is the chief source of motivation for you for advancement in life?
  • Regarding your previous job, what do you consider was the worst aspect related to it?
  • Do you know any employee or acquaintance who serves this company?
  • Why do you consider yourself a fit entity for performing the job here?
  • Do you have any personal aim to achieve in life?
  • What was the most useful thing you taught any child in your previous job?