K&N Mobile Job Application

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K&N Mobile is a mobile auto parts distributor based in Texas. The company retails small auto parts through mobile units across the state. It is serving in 11 regions within Texas. It deems to expand its network to other locations.

There will be a slight disappointment to know that there is no employment form available online. If a candidate wants a job in a mobile unit or distribution centre operated by the company, he/she should contact it in-person. The applicant will be asked to submit his/her resume and give an interview. An applicant is appointed after passing the job interview. There are several positions that an individual can apply. One can join as a delivery driver, sales associate, stock assistant or distribution manager.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ K&N Mobile:- the mobile units remain operational 24 by 7

Age Eligibility @ K&N Mobile:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ K&N Mobile:– Assistant manager, Sales associate, General manager, Distribution manager, Customer service associate, inventory specialist, Stock associate

History:- Jerry Nelson founded the company in year 1972. It is a business division of K&N Electrics. The company operates several mobile units retailing general auto parts and equipments to auto stores. It started by establishing physical auto parts stores. Three years back, it began replacing physical stores with the mobile stores. Now, the company is retailing through 20 mobile units in 11 areas. It is serving to more than 4000 customers across the state. During four-decade long history, the company experienced many changes. It has gone through computerization and expanded catalogue to more than 5000 auto products.

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Additional Services:- These units are mobile retailers of auto parts. They generally sell small-size auto parts and components. It serves to residents in designated areas and supply parts to select auto stores.

Presence:- The Company operates within Texas. It is serving 11 specific regions in the state. It is currently looking for more franchises across the state and outside.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Since K&N operates mobile stores, it has been hiring delivery truck drivers, inventory specialists, accountants and sales managers. The delivery truck drivers supply auto parts to assigned locations. It has been also hiring call operators, who have to book supply orders and process sales operations. The sales managers keep a watch on monthly sales devising methods to boast sales and coordinate the supplies. The inventory specialists are appointed at distribution centres. They have to keep a record of stocks and analyse sales trends.

There are specific qualifications for all positions. The jobs like delivery driver are offered to candidates, who have a license to drive a truck and has been driving a heavy vehicle for long. The sales associate job can be secured by any individual, who is at least high school graduate and satisfies age bar. The candidates having work experience in sales or marketing are appointed to the positions like sales manager or the area manager. The applicants for a job of accountant need having expertise in one or the other accounting software.

Advantages of Working @ K&N Mobile:

Most of the employees working in distribution or sales are part-time workers. Since, their job is not sedentary they have to travel a lot. They receive daily wages or hourly wages depending upon the nature of their job. They receive appreciation bonuses and incentives for their work. The professional employees appointed at designations like inventory specialist, sales manager or other corporate and full-time distribution position earn numerous benefits like comprehensive retirement plan, health and life insurance, paid trainings, paid time off, healthcare facilities and other standard perks. They also get paid leaves and vacations as per company’s policies.
K&N Mobile Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at K&N Mobile:

  • Will you be comfortable travelling?
  • What do you know about auto parts?
  • How will you increase sales?
  • What do you think is noteworthy about retailing auto components?
  • What accounting or finance software you know?
  • How long would you like work here?
  • What salary do you expect?
  • How will you manage team members?