Korean Air Job Application

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Korean Air has been operating in Asia. Not much time had spent when it started operations in Europe and America. The airline is growing rapidly and generating employment for many. It has been hiring candidates in many positions ranging from entry-level jobs of airport operations to professional flying jobs.

The career opportunities at Korean Air cannot be accessed online. The airline hires candidates through organised recruitment drives. It may conduct campus recruitments in your training academy too. It also conducts open campus recruitments at many locations. You can find a job with Korean air through them. Keep checking job sites and stay in touch with other airline professionals. There can be a job opening anytime.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Korean Air:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Korean Air:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Korean Air:– Maintenance engineer, Flight attendant, Travel agent, Baggage handler, Marketing executive, Airport services agent, Reservation clerk, Customer service representative, Call centre operator, Financial analyst, Cargo handler, Trip advisor, Aviation engineer, Air traffic controller, Call centre manager

History:- Korean Air was founded in year 1962. It is a subsidiary of Korean Airlines Company Limited. The Korean Airlines Company is a part of Sky Team. Apart from passenger and cargo services, company is also involved aeronautic research and aerospace manufacturing. Currently, there are around 16,000 workers employed by the company. The Korean Air earned revenue of around $8.5 billion last year.

Additional Services:- There are 135 airplanes in the fleet of the airline. Around 54 more are on order. The airline operates flights to 1116 destinations around the globe. The main hubs of Korean Air are Gimpo and Incheon International airports.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Korean Air recruits candidates throughout the year. It requires pilots and flight attendants in the flying positions. The pilots and flight attendants are often hired on a five-year contract. They must have obtained appropriate licenses or certifications to work in these positions. These are the high pay jobs offered after a rigorous selection procedure.

The next high paying jobs are the technical one. The maintenance technicians, engineers, and technical operations supervisors, get a high pay. They should have completed a technical degree course in electronics, electrical or avionics in order to secure these jobs. Some entry-level workers in technical may be hired on wages.

The next reputed jobs are in customer service. The candidates can join as call centre operators, service agents or reservation clerk. Satisfying the age requirement and minimum education up to high school is often sufficient to join at these positions.

In case you are seeking immediate employment that may help you cope up some financial liabilities, the jobs in airport operations are the alternatives. The airport operation jobs are often offered as part-time jobs and do offer high wages as pay. Though, you may have to work odd hours or in night shifts. This little compromise is quite worth considering the pay rates.

Advantages of Working @ Korean Air:

Whether you are working at a professional position or are an entry-level worker, many job benefits await you. At Korean Air, you get high pay rates at any position, regular appraisals, free travelling, special discounts on merchandise, paid leaves, life, dental and health insurance, investment options and other profit sharing schemes. You will enjoy working in a multi-cultural work environment and will be able to level up your standard of living working in such a prestigious airline.
Korean Air Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Korean Air:

  • How is your experience in this profession?
  • Introduce yourself?
  • Why did you select this job?
  • Why Korean Air?
  • What foreign languages are known to you?
  • Will you be comfortable working in a multicultural environment?
  • Whom do you see as our competitor?
  • How long will you stay with Korean Air?
  • Are you ready to sign the contract?