Kragen Job Application

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Kragen is a subsidiary of CSK Auto parts. The parent company was recently acquired by O’Reilly Auto Parts. The company retains its original name and works as a business division of the parent company.

The aspirants searching an automotive job can apply online. There are vacancies in the corporate office, retail stores, and distribution and logistics. They can apply to a vacancy at Select the appropriate category and fill out the subsequent application form. The applicants receive an interview call after their job application is short-listed. The retail stores can be located utilizing online store locator at the website. Enter the ZIP code or city and state on the online store locator to retrieve addresses of stores near you. The company offers equal employment opportunities. One can aspire to build a lifetime career with the institution.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Kragen:- Monday-Saturday: 8:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 8:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Kragen:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Kragen:– DOT route driver, Corporate assistant, Retail service specialist, Administrative assistant, Receiver, Paint supervisor, Product support technician, Stocking supervisor, Special order clerk, Quality assurance supervisor, Alarm services specialist, Help support technician, Merchandising specialist, Human resource manager, Training supervisor, Loader, Assistant stocking manager, Order selection associate, Delivery specialist, Installer service specialist, Assistant order processing supervisor, Parts specialist, Returns supervisor, Environment affairs coordinator, Quality assurance supervisor, transportation supervisor

History:- Kragen was founded in the year – 1947. It is a business division of CSK. CSK has been founded by merging three auto parts retailers – Kragen, Checker Auto Parts and the Schucks Auto Parts. The parent company did first major expansion by acquiring 81 Trak Auto stores in the year 1997. Later it opened or relocated 130 new stores. In 1999, CSK added 80 additional stores to the chain by acquiring Big Wheel stores. In 2000, All Car Distributor was purchased by the company followed by acquisition of Murray Auto Parts in 2005.

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Additional Services:- These stores sell general auto parts and equipments. Additionally they render auto repairing and maintenance services.

Presence:- There are more than 1200 auto stores running under the chain in 22 U.S. States. The parent company has a nation-wide retail network with stores of other subsidiaries operational in other states.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

You can join as mechanic, sales associate, or service technician at the retail stores of the company. Individuals do not need qualifying much education to join at these entry-level jobs. The stores prefer appointing candidates having already worked at a garage or auto service centre because such candidates do not require to be trained. Those, who do not have automotive experience, have opportunities too. They may be paid low until they have been going through training. The sales associates are expected to have hands on some accounting or inventory software.

Usually, technicians and salespersons work as part-time employees. They are the college students or school students. They have been doing the job after school. This way, they are able to arrange college/school fees and afford their living.

The professional positions of management are offered to experienced candidates having previous work experience in management, retail or inventory control. There are jobs in distribution and customer care too.

Advantages of Working @ Kragen:

These auto stores distribute standard wages to the hires. They have been providing flexible schedules and tuition reimbursements. The workers hired as full-time associates are given employment benefits like life insurance, profit sharing plan, healthcare facilities, appreciation, regular appraisals, incentives and retirement plan. They receive paid trainings and career advancement options.
Kragen Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Kragen:

  • Why Kragen/O’Reilly?
  • Explain transmission system of a car?
  • How will you repair a drive train?
  • What should be taken care while aligning wheel?
  • How can you show good workmanship?
  • Why should a customer revisit the store?
  • What do you want as hourly pay?
  • If we require you on the weekend, can you come?