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One of the leading international brands named Kroger is successfully operating its business in a large number of countries. Kroger tops the list in retail chain of grocery stores. In terms of revenue, the company stands at second position and holds fourth place when compared with other international brands.

Kroger’s key objective is to become market leader in producing health, food, personal care and other consumable products and services. To effectively achieve this target, Kroger works on six chief values, such as: 1) Integrity, 2) Diversity, 3) Honesty, 4) Respect for others, 5) inclusion and 6) Safety.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Kroger: The store is opened for 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ Kroger: The minimum age requirement for getting hired in this company is 16 years or more.

Career Opportunities @ Kroger: Grocery Clerk, Support Center Analyst, Cashier, Assistant Produce Buyer, Meat Clerk, Floral Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Store Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Retail Store Manager, Deli Coordinator, Jewellery Assistant Manager, Produce Coordinator, Grocery Coordinator, Customer First Clerk, Maintenance Supervisor, Adult Beverage Department Manager, Grocery Night Stock Leader, Store Management Trainee Bakery Coordinator and Grocery Department Manager. 

History: The Kroger Co. stands as one of the best grocery store started by Mr. Bernard Kroger in the United States in 1883. The first branch was laid in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Foundation of the grocery store was not easy. Mr. Bernard Kroger spent all his saving and then established the first ever outlet in Mount Airy neighbourhood of Cincinnati.

After several years of its inauguration, in 1955 Pilot and Henke (two brands) were merged by the organization.1920 was considered to be the golden year for the company when it started its expansion Columbus, Dayton and Hamilton. With this effect, Kroger purchased many small financial companies within its territory.

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Presence: According to report published in 2011, The Company operates more than 3,000 outlets only in United States, touching the areas from California to Pennsylvania. Besides grocery stores, it serves its customers with bakeries, dairies, meat plants and delis across the nation.

Additional Services: Customers when walk into the stores feel a pleasure of shopping here. Inside the store, you can shop a large variety of products. Apart from departmental stores, the company at several outlets also runs pharmacy facilities for its customers. Famous banners under which this brand functions its duties are: Fresh Fare by Kroger, Kroger Food and Drug, Kroger Signature Stores and Kroger Marketplace.

Community Initiatives: The Company cares very much for the community it operates in. It is engaged in several charity programs, such as helps to fight hunger and Bringing Hope to the Table, etc. within the United States. Kroger is associated with more than 200 local hunger relief organizations to supply free meals for the poor community. Kroger is also supporting patients suffering from breast cancer and has donated millions of dollars to help regional charity groups.

Environmental Initiatives: Another noble cause for which the brand works is to care for environment. Kroger has taken initiative in supporting plastic recycling, reusable bags, BPA-free products in stores and energy use reduction, etc. In 2007, organization has built energy efficient stores working on natural light. The first branch was opened in Miami, OH. Currently, all the chain outlets are functioning on green technology to protect the environment.

Financial Stature: After Walmart, Kroger stands second in the list of departmental stores in America. The company is also listed on New York Stock Exchange. It operates under the label KR. The organization every year makes profit of approximately $76 billion.

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Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

Kroger requires manpower for successfully running its business worldwide. Most of the time, employers arrange interviews for entry level positions. Besides full time employment, vacancies for part time associates are also in demand. To get complete knowledge about job posts, you need to fill job application form.

Grocery Clerk: Grocery clerks at Kroger are required to perform all the store stock operations. Their major responsibilities are assisting customers, stocking shelves and cancelling expiry dated products. At some point of time, these people might also have to act as cashiers. Salary of grocery clerks slightly differs from other entry level workers. They take home at least $8 to $10 per hour. Hard working clerks are awarded by handsome employment perks.

Cashier: As the name suggests, these workers need to take care of all cash transactions happening at the store. When you get hired for cashier position, you will have to meet and greet customers, answer questions about products, policies, and services, handle returns and ring up purchases.

Cashiers everyday deals in cash, so they need to be strong enough in maths calculations and regularly maintain cash registers. In terms of salary, it varies according to experience. Freshers will be offered minimum amount of $9 per hour, while experienced cashiers will earn maximum of $13 for every hour.

Bagger: This entry level job need to deal with several job tasks. The baggers act as helping hand for the employees at counter. The job involves packing the grocery items and loading them into the customer’s vehicles. They must interact with the guests holding soft smile and friendly behaviour. Baggers earn an average income of $8 to $10 per hour.

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Management: These high profile professionals appoint new workers, motivate associates, schedule workers and closely watch all store operations. These people are titled as assistant managers, store managers, team leaders and shift supervisors. Salary is always high in comparison with other designations. Their annual salary is in between $25,000 to $65,000.

Advantages of working @ Kroger

Working at Kroger is an amazing experience. The food court entertains its all employees with wonderful job facilities. All workers whether new appointments or highly designated are eligible for quality job training, flexible scheduling and industry-competitive pay scales.  Employees with quality skills are benefited by a lot of advanced employment advantages.

These includes employee stock purchase plans, 401(k) retirement plans, group insurance rates for homes and autos, health and wellness coverage, such as medical, vision and dental insurance, paid vacation programs and company-paid education as well.

Job Interview Questions for Kroger

Most common Kroger interview questions:

  1. What do you understand by a grocery store?
  2. Why you want to quit your previous job?
  3. Will you be able to join from tomorrow?
  4. What qualities do you possess to get selected?
  5. What benefits are you looking from the employment?
  6. How do you value customer service?

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