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Krystal is a chain of quick service fast-food restaurants concentrated in southern part of United States. These restaurants are known for their 24/7 hours operations and square-shaped tasty hamburgers. The chain is spread to more than 400 locations in United States and is still growing. These fast-food outlets are offering various job opportunities that can be turned into a developed career in food service sector.

The company does not provide printed employment applications. Any individual interested to apply at a position in these restaurants should visit the company’s website – and hit ‘career’ button. They need to select appropriate category and fill up an electronic form to complete application process. When there is a job vacancy at the applied location, selected applicants are called for interview. They are hired according to interview results.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Krystal: – These stores remain open for 24 hours each day.

Age Eligibility @ Krystal: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Krystal: – Crew member, Chef, Cashier, Shift leader, Supervisor, Restaurant manager, District manager, Assistant restaurant manager, Store manager

History: – Krystal was founded by Rody Davenport and J. Glenn Sherrill in 1932. The first store was opened in Chattanooga in Tennessee State. However, this store is now not in operation. The two partners believed they could build a restaurant business if they serve delicious hamburgers in a neat and clean environment. They proved to be true and their business flourished. In 1950, the chain started concentrating in opening drive-through restaurants. It expanded to 420 locations between 1997 and 2002 under the ownership of Port Royal Holdings Inc. In 2012 the chain was sold to Argonne Capital Group. Its corporate headquarter is also about to be shifted to Atlanta from Chattanooga by 2013.

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Menu: – These restaurants in their menu serve small square-shaped burgers called Krystals, Chicken burgers, Hot dogs, Big Angus burgers, Beverages, various side items like fries and sundaes, breakfast combos and special menu for kids. These outlets are known for their cleanliness and quick service.

Presence: – Currently, Krystal has around 380 locations in southern states of America like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina. Individuals can find Krystal stores in their vicinity by entering their location at the link –

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These quick service restaurants do hundreds of hires every year. Most of these recruitments are done for entry-level positions. There are also job vacancies in operations and corporate office, though recruitment drive for such positions is seldom done. The main designations offered at these restaurants are explained below:

Team member – The candidates may be hired as cleaner, cook, cashier or supervisor at entry-level positions. At each designation, they have to perform a set of assigned duties. These are often part-time employers, who work for a shift. They are paid hourly wages that vary from locality to locality and position to position. For example, cooks receive hourly wages in range from $8 to $11. A cashier may be paid anywhere between $9 and $12 per hour. Waiters and counter attendants get hourly wages ranging from $7 to $8.

Management – General Manager, Assistant Manager and Area Manager constitutes the restaurant management. They supervise staff, do hiring and control entire operations of a store. They may also be engaged in managing the advertising campaigns and brand promotion. These positions are filled by qualified candidates having relevant education and experience in the related field. They are hired on salary and may earn between $35,000 and $45,000 per year.

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Advantages of Working @ Krystal:

Krystal is a reputed name in food service industry. Its employment is considered standard and offers an opportunity to earn competitive salaries. The part-time employers are provided flexible schedules and given discount on meals. The professional associates generally hired on salary have 401(k) retirement plan, life and medical insurance, disability protection and investment options included in their package. They are also given sick leaves, privilege leaves, holidays and other standard job perks. The entry-level employees may also enjoy these benefits if working for greater number of hours per week.

Krystal Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Krystal:

  • Tell us something about yourself?
  • How you come to know about this vacancy?
  • What is your education?
  • Have you ever worked in a restaurant?
  • How are you a suitable candidate for this job?
  • Why should we choose you and not others?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What do you know about our restaurants?
  • What you feel is liked by customers about Krystal?
  • Will you enjoy your work?
  • How you relate this job with your career goals?