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Kumon works on tutoring centers touching success in reading and math, maintaining a worldwide chain for children. In more than forty countries, the centers of Kumon tutoring carry the job of providing tuitions to more than four million students all over the world.  Kids read and learn subjects like English, Mathematics etcetera and ‘The Kumon Method’ developed by Toru Kumon also helped his son’s development, back in the year 1954. Later in the year 2009, Kumon tutored in more than forty countries and about four million students all over the world take help from forty countries.

The tutors are committed, to guide and show the right path so that the kids are self reliant, independent, and confident people, satisfying the hope of all parents.

Organization Details

Working Hours  – The working hours depend on the location of the store.

Age Eligibility – The aspiring candidate must be minimum 22 years of age.

Career Opportunities   

The career opportunities available for eligible candidates can be listed as under:

  • Junior Kumon Assistant
  • Grader/Assistant
  • Education Assistant
  • Kumon Math and Reading Center Assistant
  • Part-Time Kumon Assistant
  • Franchise Recruitment Manager
  • Center Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Multi-Unit Account Manager
  • Educational Researcher
  • Field Consultant
  • LMS Administrator
  • Tutor


This tutorial was founded in the year 1954, in Osaka, Japan, by Toru Kumon, who created a center for learning. Kumon was himself taught mathematics. He wanted that his son should also enjoy and learn mathematics and further prepare for the best college entrance examination. The first center outside Japan was opened in NY, in the year 1974. The math programs were so successful that a conception of comprehension reading program was also developed by a team of reading specialists and literature experts.

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At present, there are more than 25,000 locations owned by this tutoring center across forty seven countries as well as six continents. The headquarters is placed in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

General Manager – The tutoring center as a whole is run by the General Manager. Kids are to be assisted by this worker apart from setting up classrooms, keeping them clean, and also satisfying the queries put forward by the parents. To add on, this individual also assists in the everyday opening and closing of the tutoring center. The average salary of a General Manager starts at more than $30,000 per year.

Shift Supervisor – In the absence of the general manager, the tuition center is going to be taken care of by the Shift Supervisor. This individual would help when the teaching process is underway. He opens the shop, and also keeps a check over the tutors ensuring that the tutors perform their duties in an appropriate way. Some managerial duties are also performed by the shift supervisor. The average salary of a shift supervisor is between $9 and $15 per hour.

Receptionist – Working at the post of a receptionist, one has to answer the phone calls, help parents by answering their questions, and set up appointments. At the time when the toddlers assemble for their tuitions, the receptionist assists the respective teacher whenever any problems arise. The receptionist reports to the main general manager. He or she earns an average salary between $7 and $9 per hour.

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Teaching Assistant – The main teacher at the learning center is assisted by the teaching assistant. This person helps in areas like organizing kids, and tutoring while solving their problems and confusions, whenever they encounter any. The teaching assistant gets an average pay between $8 and $10 per hour.

Tutor – The tutor provides assistance to kids, wherever they need it. The tutor provides help to the small one, even in a particular subject The company policies are to be followed, and the students are to be helped regarding subjects from science to mathematics. The main manager grants the task to a tutor on his time table every day. The average pay of a tutor is anywhere between $7 and $9 per hour.

Advantages of working@Kumon  

There are variable benefits depending on the location. The centers of Kumon are usually franchised owned. There are many jobs that fall in the part time categories and it may be found that the benefits will also be consequently limited. Qualified workers, however, can take advantage of visual, dental, life insurance, medical plans, and 401 (k) retirement plans. The hiring manager can be consulted about the details regarding the benefits at the time of hiring.

Kumon Learning Center Application

Job Interview Questions@ Kumon 

  • How do you take teaching as a philosophy of your own?
  • Do you carry sufficient work experience regarding the industry of tutoring?
  • How was Kumon enlightened to you?
  • Can you provide a brief description about the experience gained while interacting with kids?
  • How can you motivate children into learning new things every day?
  • Do you carry the property of multitasking?
  • During your education, which subject proved to be your favorite?
  • How will you react at a situation where in a toddler is disobeying instructions or pays no attention?
  • When and how your patience was last tested?
  • How do you consider teaching as per your personal philosophy?
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